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Considering People and Technology
Global Health Equity and Wellbeing

Global Health Equity and Wellbeing

Protecting health both locally and worldwide.

Just, Resilient, and Informed Communities

Just, Resilient, and Informed Communities

Discovering strategies that benefit and inform communities from all walks of life.

Responsible and Ethical Technologies

Responsible and Ethical Technologies

Evaluating potential consequences to mitigate negative effects.

Arts, Expression, and Creative Technologies

Arts, Expression, and Creative Technologies

Using advanced technology to enhance creative processes, artistic expression, and innovation.

Featured Research Videos

Smart Solutions on the Georgia Coast

The Smart Sea Level Sensors project is a partnership between Chatham Emergency Management Agency officials, City of Savannah officials, and Georgia Tech scientists and engineers who are working together to install a network of internet-enabled sea level sensors across Chatham County. The real-time data on coastal flooding will be used for emergency planning and response.

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CopyCat: Helping Young Deaf Children Acquire Language Skills Using Sign Language Recognition

CopyCat and PopSign are two games that help deaf children and their parents acquire language skills in American Sign Language. 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, and most of those parents never learn enough sign language to teach...

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Project Aether: A tool to support communication between brain tumor patients and healthcare providers

Project Aether focuses on bridging the knowledge gap brain tumor and peak anxiety brain tumor patients experience after their initial diagnosis. As a tablet application, it comprises a patient workspace for consolidating information relating to...

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More Research Videos

Check out IPaT's Research Expo website that features some of the ongoing research projects at the Institute for People and Technology and Georgia Tech. We encourage you to explore projects within our broad research areas or explore those projects by research topic.


ATLANTA (Feb. 23, 2024) — The Carter Center and Georgia Institute of Technology today commemorated the new joint Governance and Technology Fellowship…
Georgia Tech Has a New Champion for Research FacultyMaribeth Gandy Coleman Serves as Inaugural Assistant Vice Provost for Research FacultyMaribeth…
Through the Master’s Program in Human-Computer Interaction (MS-HCI) at Georgia Tech, students like Rajath Pai don’t have to wait long to gain first-…
The Craft Lab has a new industrial 3D printer, a 3D Systems Projet 2500 Plus. This machine, purchased in collaboration with College of Computing…


Official kick off event for the 2024 Atlanta Science Festival
Come celebrate our entrepreneurs that are passionate about creating start ups with environmental and social impact.

Researchers in the News

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Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts news, August 2023

Researchers highlight ethical issues for developing future AI assistants
TechXplore, August 1, 2023

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Atlanta Business Chronicle, August 21, 2023

CU Boulder wins major Air Force grant to track objects orbiting the moon
University of Colorado Boulder, August 21, 2023
Karen Feigh (Georgia Tech) is part of the grant.

Stress test method detects when object recognition models are using shortcuts
TechXplore, July 18, 2023

Beltline kicks off transit planning on remaining segments
Axios Atlanta, Sept. 13, 2023

AI is so hot even KFC and Williams-Sonoma execs are talking about it
The Washington Post, August 24, 2023

National links: Car ads should be more truthful
Greater Greater Washington, August 18, 2023