Most likely you’ve heard of virtual reality and augmented reality, but are you familiar with diminished reality? Diminished reality is probably…

The Institute for People and Technology’s summer research internship program is an opportunity for Georgia Tech students looking to gain real-…

The Institute for People and Technology, or IPaT, is one of Georgia Tech’s 10…

Georgia Tech’s Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program is a transformative approach to enhancing…

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IPaT In-Depth

Sports Technology Innovation

Georgia Tech academic and athletic units are working together to advance ideas that benefit athletes on and off the field.

Smart Data Revolution

For decades, cities have used data to solve critical problems; advances in technology are now enhancing their efforts.

Redefining Reality

Researchers at Georgia Tech are studying augmented reality technology for medical training, social psychology, STEM education, and more.

Aging Research

IPaT is working to help older adults take their power back through an array of research initiatives, centers, and partnerships.