Research Facilities

Craft Lab

The Craft Lab is a unique makerspace sponsored by IPaT which is designed to promote craft and algorithmic making. The equipment in the lab is particularly well-suited for wearable/flexible electronics systems, but is available to anyone interested in making with soft objects. The lab includes equipment like sewing machines, CNC knitting and embroidery machines, soldering irons, and 3D printers. Lab users must complete a lab training session before being allowed to access the lab. More information can be found at the Craft Lab website. Location: TSRB 225B

Protected Health Data Infrastructure

The capabilities of the PHDI allow researchers to streamline data acquisition and operations for projects with personal and healthcare information (PII and PHI) compliance and contractual requirements. PHDI is a OneGT effort supporting researchers in any college or GTRI division and is co-operated by IPaT and GTRI staff, with operation ties to OIT, GTRC, GT-Legal, and IT support in-home departments. PHDI is designed to streamline data acquisition and handling and hosting projects which would otherwise not be able to support or quickly ramp up standalone infrastructures and operations. Contact:

Aware Home

The Aware Home serves the needs of the researchers, students, sponsors and community partners in many ways, providing an accessible space for experimenting with invasive instrumentation and installations, conducting controlled studies and user observations, evaluating products and services, and providing education and training, as well as in-situ meeting, ideation, and demonstration space. The broader research initiative couples the Home with additional facilities including Brain Health at Emory University, the Homelab testbed for user studies, and the Child Study Lab.

Prototyping Lab

The Prototyping Lab provides a “makerspace” facility for creating physical prototypes, including circuit boards, casings, and a variety of other physical and electronic objects. The lab provides a wide range of equipment, including 3D printers, a laser cutter, CNC mill, surface-mount printed circuit board production, and silk screening, as well as a variety of machining, woodworking, and electrical tools. Lab users must complete a lab training session before being allowed to access the lab. Note that the Prototyping Lab operates as a recharge facility, meaning that sponsored work must provide a project number to help fund lab materials, staff, and maintenance. More information can be found at the Prototyping Lab Website. Location: TSRB Basement, room S21. Note: to access the basement you must use the TSRB freight/service elevator which is the closest to the stairs. Please ask the front desk security for assistance if you have trouble locating the right elevator!

Development, Prototyping, Demonstrations, and Installations & Technical Support for Research

Researchers in IPaT provide the expertise necessary to execute a wide variety of research projects across campus. Expertise includes design and development experience in augmented reality, design research, digital design, education, electrical engineering, game design, healthcare services, interaction design, and software engineering.

Lending Library

IPaT operates a Lending Library available to the Georgia Tech community. Operation of the Lending Library is made possible through the center’s research activities and the support of our industry and community partners including AT&T and Verizon.  These resources support a wide range of academic and innovation activities including class projects, mobile and IoT development, experiments, field work, and user studies; participation in competitions and hackathons (including the CIC), as well as a variety of community engagement and research activities.

Labs and Collaboration Spaces

IPaT maintains a variety of laboratory spaces in TSRB, Centergy, and 828 West Peachtree in support of the facilities above, proposal development, events and activities, and external relationship management.

App Lab

The App Lab is a “hackerspace” devoted to the creation of mobile applications and technologies across a range of platforms. It is equipped with the software and hardware necessary for mobile app development. The App Lab is available for club meetings and classes and hosts tutorials run by both IPaT and other partners. Location: TSRB 333

Usability Lab

The Usability Lab provides facilities for user studies, observation, experimentation, and video recording. A partitioned lab with a one-way mirror, high-fidelity audio equipment, cinema-quality video equipment and other recording devices has been set up for both 'office-style' and 'lounge-style' studies. More information about equipment and reserving the space can be found at the Usability Lab Website. Location: TSRB 216A

App Stores and Mobile Services

IPaT partners with GTRC to offer access to App Stores for the distribution of paid and free mobile applications and services and their associated development tools and resources to all members of the research, academic, and enterprise community while protecting GT through branding and identity, intellectual property, data handling, export control, quality assurance, and maintenance and support guidelines and controls.

Research Server and Data Infrastructure

IPaT operates a variety of Research Server and Data Infrastructure resources to support research and academic activities and facilities including specialized category 1, 2 & 3 research. Contact: