New Summer Internship Program for High School Students
Making Coding Education More Accessible for Blind and Visually Impaired Youth

Lifelong Health and Well-Being

Lifelong Health and Well-Being

Promoting and enabling vibrant and lifelong physical and mental health

Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation

Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation

Creating sustainable cities with research that thinks globally while acting locally

Shaping the Human-Technology Frontier

Shaping the Human-Technology Frontier

Shaping the human-technology frontier by augmenting human capabilities at every level

Shaping the Human-Technology Frontier

Platforms & Services for Socio-Technical Systems

Merging physical and digital worlds with complex data analytic and communication capabilities

Featured Research Videos

Smart Solutions on the Georgia Coast

The Smart Sea Level Sensors project is a partnership between Chatham Emergency Management Agency officials, City of Savannah officials, and Georgia Tech scientists and engineers who are working together to install a network of internet-enabled sea level sensors across Chatham County. The real-time data on coastal flooding will be used for emergency planning and response.

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CopyCat: Helping Young Deaf Children Acquire Language Skills Using Sign Language Recognition

CopyCat and PopSign are two games that help deaf children and their parents acquire language skills in American Sign Language. 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, and most of those parents never learn enough sign language to teach...

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Project Aether: A tool to support communication between brain tumor patients and healthcare providers

Project Aether focuses on bridging the knowledge gap brain tumor and peak anxiety brain tumor patients experience after their initial diagnosis. As a tablet application, it comprises a patient workspace for consolidating information relating to...

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Check out IPaT's Research Expo website that features some of the ongoing research projects at the Institute for People and Technology and Georgia Tech. We encourage you to explore projects within our broad research areas or explore those projects by research topic.


This fall, the Institute will launch a foundational, interdisciplinary program to lead in research related to neuroscience, neurotechnology, and…
Maribeth Coleman, director of Research and associate director of Interactive Media for the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT), was named a…
Seven Georgia Tech students hired for the 2023 summer research internship program sponsored by the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT)…
The University System of Georgia (USG) Board of Regents announced 12 first-time Georgia Tech appointments to Regents’ distinctions for 2023 and…


Mobile augmented reality (AR), which integrates virtual objects with 3D real environments in real time, has been showing
The Humanitarian Engineering (HE) program at the Colorado School of Mines (Mines) has been transforming what it means to be an

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