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Faculty Opportunities

IPaT is currently seeking faculty candidates to apply for IPaT Initiative Lead positions that will support one of our strategic research areas. As an IPaT Initiative Lead, you will be responsible for successfully advancing work in one of our four strategic areas. There are four positions available. IPaT will assist you in the administrative and organizational aspects of tasks as needed. Click to learn more.

Interactivity@GT Offers Networking Opportunities
Craft Lab Installs New Ultra-High-Definition 3D Printer
Global Health Equity and Wellbeing

Global Health Equity and Wellbeing

Protecting health both locally and worldwide.

Just, Resilient, and Informed Communities

Just, Resilient, and Informed Communities

Discovering strategies that benefit and inform communities from all walks of life.

Responsible and Ethical Technologies

Responsible and Ethical Technologies

Evaluating potential consequences to mitigate negative effects.

Arts, Expression, and Creative Technologies

Arts, Expression, and Creative Technologies

Using advanced technology to enhance creative processes, artistic expression, and innovation.

Featured Research Videos

Captioning on Glass

Captioning on Glass is an on-going project creating captioning eyeglasses with a companion Android phone app to assist the hard-of-hearing in everyday conversations. We are also working on another version of this app, "Translation on Glass", which will add the ability to translate languages.

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Ambient Alerting

Ambient Alerting project. No matter what age we are, we have likely forgotten to turn off the stove or oven, iron, heater or even water. Forgetfulness can lead to serious events that may result in costly damage to the home or even injury or death. Older adults are more prone to such forgetfulness. When an older adult forgets to turn off a hazardous appliance, it is often attributed to losing mental capacity and may lead to loss of self-confidence, embarrassment, and judgment from others.

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CopyCat: Helping Young Deaf Children Acquire Sign Language Skills

CopyCat and PopSign are two games that help deaf children and their parents acquire language skills in American Sign Language. 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, and most of those parents never learn enough sign language to teach...

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More Research Videos

Check out IPaT's Research Expo website that features some current and past research projects at the Institute for People and Technology and Georgia Tech. We encourage you to explore projects within our broad research areas or explore those projects by research topic.

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As nearly half of the world’s voting population heads to the polls this year, technology’s impact on elections will be front and center. It’s a…


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