Research with Members

The Innovation Accelerator serves to connect academic, clinical and student researchers with people living with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and their care partners to collaborate on projects that aim to improve the quality of life and the lived experience of those affected by MCI. The solutions that are explored through the Innovation Accelerator’s efforts and the process of collaborative design itself are both intended to be empowering for the members of the Cognitive Empowerment Program (CEP) 

We welcome involvement of individual students, focused classes, professors, and researchers from all departments of Georgia Tech and Emory. We are also interested in collaborating with external partners from industry, non-profits and other academic institutions that share our interest in accelerating the ability to empower people living with mild cognitive impairment. 

 There are a few different ways to get involved: 
1)    Observe a CEP programming session including Think Tank  
2)    Interact and/or recruit members for your study 
3)    Request CEP Data for Research Purposes 

Observe a CEP Programming Session 

If you would like to observe one of the Think Tank sessions or another programming session, please review the privacy terms and provide information about your purpose. LINK TO FORM.

Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate service provider and reviewed. 

Interact and/or Recruit Members for your Study 

We can help put CEP related research opportunities in front of members living with MCI for face-to-face discussions during the members weekly Think Tank programming. These sessions are attended by the member and care partner dyads. The Think Tank sessions are a great opportunity to introduce your project. It is possible to hold abbreviated focus groups during the Think Tank session.*  

We can also promote participation in CEP studies through a posting on the MyCEP tablet application, either in combination with hosting a Think Tank session, or independently.  

If you would like to work with the Cognitive Empowerment Program to promote your existing research through Think Tank or the MyCEP app, please complete this form describing your project and we will reach out to you to discuss your needs. LINK TO FORM.

*Note that programming for the Think Tank sessions is generally planned out several weeks in advance. 

Request CEP Data for Research Purposes 

If you would like to request access to existing Cognitive Empowerment Program data, please go this form to request formal access. LINK TO FORM

CEP Research Symposium

Each year researchers, stakeholders, staff, members, care partners and community members meet to take stock, move forward, encourage collaboration, and synergize the progress we have made at CEP in a Research Symposium. Attendees hear from various researchers and collaborators about the work they have accomplished and what they are planning in conjunction with the CEP members. LEARN MORE.

Research Portfolio

Read about our previous research and projects. LEARN MORE.