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Nutriful is an application that make healthy eating easier for its users by accommodating to their culture, preferences, and motivations.

Convergence Areas:

Our team decided to focus on educating young adults and people living on their own about nutrition and help them follow a healthy lifestyle. The issue many young adults face today is they lack the proper education about nutrition, and when they are on their own, most don't know how to maintain a healthy diet. This results in a slow and steady decline in health due to their consistently bad food choices, and ultimately lead to poor physical form along with social and mental complications. Before we tackle this issue, we prepared a lot of research so that we know exactly what areas we need to focus on. We used surveyed and interviewed Georgia Tech students, friends, and families to gain a deeper insight into when they learned about nutrition and what it meant to them. Additionally, we interviewed nutritionists in the greater Atlanta area so they can provide us a professional view on nutrition and explain to us how they help people develop a healthy diet and achieve their nutritional needs. After our extensive research, we analyzed our data and reviewed reputable information to finalize our target stakeholder group and to determine our initial design implications. We learned about some of the current frustrations that people had in navigating through nutrition information, finding the best diet that works for them and staying motivated during the process. There are many different sources of information some of which may not be reliable and is actually harmful. We aim to try to provide nutrition education to them so that they are more conscious about what they eat and have the ability to choose nutritious options for themselves.

To accomplish our goal, we designed an application that makes healthy eating easier by tailoring to their culture, preferences, and motivations. The app offers three services for its users:

1) Because of the complexity of the nutrition information, our app intends to offer nutritional knowledge. By visualizing the user’s nutrition knowledge acquisition journey and by giving Facts of the Day, users should be able to understand essential nutritional information that they should know and clear any misconceptions presented to them in a gamified way. After reading the articles, users can take quizzes over what they learned to gain XP points and earn awards.

2) The app also having a function for users to journal their feelings and set goals. Users will be able to create their own personalized daily goals checklist for them to complete. They will also be able to log their mood every day through either through voice-recording, pictures, or writing it down. This allows them to see how eating healthier improves their quality of life and shifts the focus to the internal aspects rather than their weight and body size. The users will also write down their motivations about why they want to eat healthier; the app sends occasional reminders of their motivation to help them sustain a healthy diet.

3) The app offers users a variety of healthy recipes that are verified by nutritionists and health experts. The recipes displayed are filtered based on the user's dietary restriction, food preferences, cost to make, and time. Additionally, when a user selects a recipe that they want to prepare but they don't have all the ingredients to make it, they can view the missing ingredients and their cost and add the ingredients to the app's grocery list. Now whenever the user goes to the store, they can easily access the app's grocery list and check all the ingredients they need to buy for the recipe.


Team Members:

Anunoy Dussa,
Neha Deshpande,
Saira Poonnen,
Zida Wang,
Ziwei Wang,

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