Winners Spring 2021

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fobbr is a watchband or bracelet that offers keyless, hands-free access to your work, home, gym, anywhere you need an access card or fob.

Create-X Golden Ticket Winner!

Online neuroscience/neurology software that is able to read and share EEG recordings and classify epileptiform discharges, making faster the seizure diagnosis.
Runner Ups
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Jamiable is an online support community for musicians. Jamiable is proposed to offer musicians the ability to connect with others online, making profiles to share their interests with friends and writing in public and private forums related to musical, social, and mental health-related discussion.Nutriful is an application that make healthy eating easier for its users by accommodating to their culture, preferences, and motivations.Seedling is an iOS app for plant owners of all levels that helps organize and monitor the care of your house plants.