fobbr is a watchband or bracelet that offers keyless, hands-free access to your work, home, gym, anywhere you need an access card or fob.

Convergence Areas:

fobbr addresses the CIC convergence areas by developing an innovative solution to shape the human-technological frontier for smart cities. In today's digitized world, everyone from college students to working professionals need their fobs and access cards everywhere they go. Cities, campuses, and workplaces have started to migrate away from physical keys to digitized cards for building access. Even at Georgia Tech, there is a mixture of access methods: key fobs, physical keys, smart cards, and magnetic card readers. Although digitized keys offer enhanced security, it also provides an additional burden on users. There needs to be a solution that prioritizes the user's experience and ensures seamless interaction with this digitized infrastructure. fobbr is a solution to these problems by offering a hands-free, convenient method for building access.

Team Members:

Rob Stout -
Carl Demolder -

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