Judging Criteria


What's expected in a project?

  • Everything that's required in order to submit. See submission requirements here.
  • An innovative and viable product or service ideas to demo your project to the judges and guests.
  • A strong value proposition that shows the viability of your work - consider including a Value Proposition Canvas.


Detailed judging criteria

The following criteria are considered by the judges when reviewing all competition entries:


  • Innovation - Includes the overall novelty of the concept and prototype implementation.
  • Impact - What social impact or broader good does the project provide?
  • Viability - Does the product/solution applicable to the real world? How feasible is it? How scalable?
  • Completeness - Will the product/solution work on multiple platforms seamlessly? What are the next steps for the project?
  • Usability - Does the concept have a robust user experience including the user interface and service interactivity?
  • Presentation - The overall quality of the submission materials, including the user interface, video, logo, etc.