Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate in the Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC)​?
All Georgia Tech students, both undergraduate and graduate as well as recent graduates who were enrolled the previous semester can participate. Note that for 2024, the competition is expanding to Asia and will allow other students outside of Georgia Tech to participate.

I am an instructor for a Georgia Tech course. Are my students able to submit projects as they are developing on team projects even if they are not complete prototypes?
We encourage this! Our team is happy to work with you to figure out the best way to incorporate CIC into your existing syllabus.

I don't have many app development skills. Can I still participate?
Yes, absolutely, everyone is welcome, and we really want to see your ideas. You can use tools like Campus Tour to create novel tours and experiences for students without needing to have much development experience. You can also contribute to the non-development aspects, including the design, experience, or other aspects of the project, which is an incredibly valuable contribution.

How can I learn more about app development?
We usually host every semester a series of public workshops on various types of app development. Check here for our Facebook events.

How do I find people to form a team for the CIC?

We will host consultation sessions throughout the semester and will have opportunities for students to connect to other potential teammates. Check out our social media (Twitter and Facebook) to stay in the loop!

What resources (mobile phones, wearable devices, etc.) are available for me?
If you need to rent a development device, the RNOC Lab is open to students every weekday during office hours (~10am - 6pm) in room 123 of the TSRB in Tech Square. Devices available include but are not limited to iOS, Android, and Windows phones/tablets of varying versions, Fitbits, Arduino starter kits, and Raspberry Pis.

In addition, our Resources page offers everything you need to get started.

Where can I receive on-the-spot development help?
The RNOC Lab in room 123 of the TSRB in Tech Square is open every weekday from 10am - 6pm. All students are welcome to come in to ask questions, check out devices, or use the area for working on their CIC and class projects. Lab staff will be around to answer any questions you may have.

Can I submit a class project into the competition?
Yes! You are welcome to submit projects from your coursework at Georgia Tech.

How many team members are allowed per team?
You may have anywhere between 1 and 7 team members. However, we suggest 2-5.

Will I have to give up rights to my ideas?
No, absolutely not. The CIC is built on the premise that it is the student's ideas and the student's work. You do not have to assign your own ideas and work for the CIC to Georgia Tech, Georgia Tech Research Corporation or any other third party as part of participation in the CIC. If your idea came from a sponsored project or was otherwise paid for as an employee of Georgia Tech or any other company you will need to consider intellectual property rights for those relationships. You should contact the CIC advisers if you have any questions about this.

Can I submit my project to other competitions?
Yes, we strongly encourage you to get as much exposure for your work as you can.

What if I have questions that aren't covered on this list?
Please send us questions via email to