Calendar - Labs


All orientation sessions are held in person in TSRB 225B (second floor). Please ask the TSRB front desk for assistance if you have trouble locating the room.

The lab calendar is shared between the Prototyping Lab and Craft Lab. All events prefixed with [Proto] relate specifically to the Prototyping Lab and all events prefixed with [Craft] relate to the Craft Lab.

Lab Operation Status

Given current staffing levels and organization, the Craft Lab staff request that you send an e-mail to to confirm your attendance to an orientation session, even if it is listed below. If no confirmations for a session are received the orientation session may be cancelled without notice.

Please note: if there are no sessions scheduled that you are able to attend, please send a message to the lab staff at and we will attempt to schedule an additional orientation session.

Craft Lab Calendar

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