Research Symposium Overview


IRIM hosts each year a symposium to feature presentations from faculty and presentations of research from the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

The symposium is a chance for faculty to meet new robotics students on campus, as well as a chance to get a better idea of what IRIM colleagues are up to these days. The goal of the symposium is to spark new ideas, new collaborations, and even new friends!


IRIM Fall 2023 Symposium Graphic

August 23, 2023 | 9AM - 6PM
Klaus Advanced Computing Building 1116 
266 Ferst Drive | Atlanta GA, 30332



Event Agenda | Overview


9:00am  | Registration


9:30am | Seth Hutchinson - Welcome and Introductory Remarks
9:45am | Sehoon Ha - Learning Interactive Skills of Legged Robots
10:00am | Stephen Balakirsky - Knowledge Driven Robotics
10:15am | Matthew Gombolay - RoboFederer: Towards Human-Robot Team Athletics
10:30am | Sonia Chernova - Autonomy in Human Spaces


10:45am | Break


11:00am | Danfei Xu - Towards a Data Flywheel for Long-horizon Manipulation
11:15am | Harish Ravichandar - New Wine in an Old Bottle: Classical Methods as Scaffolding for Robot Learning
11:30am | Zsolt Kira - Vision and Language Foundation Models for Open-World Robotics
11:45am | James Hays - Understanding Grasping, Contact, and Pressure
12:00pm | Animesh Garg - Science and Systems for Foundation Models Manipulation


12:15pm - 1:15pm | Lunch [Box lunches provided to registered attendees]


1:15pm | Ai-Ping Hu - Agricultural Robotics at Georgia Tech
1:30pm | W. Hong Yeo - Smart and Connected Bioelectronics for Integration with Robots
1:45pm | Ellen Yi Chen Mazumdar - Soft and Additively Manufacturable Electromagnetic Actuators
2:00pm | Yue Chen - Tentacle-like Continuum Robots
2:15pm | Greg Sawicki - Beyond reducing cost of transport: What can lower-limb exoskeletons do on the shortest and longest timescales?
2:30pm | Ye Zhao- Can humanoid robots move and manipulate like humans?


2:45pm | Break


3:00pm | Spyros Reveliotis - Traffic Control of Multi-Agent Systems Circulating on Graphs
3:15pm | Shreyas Kousik - Towards Safe Full-Stack Design for Autonomous Robots
3:30pm | Lu Gan - Perception for Field Robots: Semantics and Beyond
3:45pm | Panos Tsiotras - Large-scale Stochastic Team Games
4:00pm | Charlie Kemp - The Future of Friendly Mobile Manipulation


4:15pm | Closing Remarks


4:30pm - 6:30pm | Poster Session


6:00pm - 9:00pm | Robotics Meet-Up