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IRIM Robotics Meet-Up Night | Guest Host; Mujin


September 21, 2022 | 6pm - 9pm
The Collective Food Hall @ CODA


Join students, faculty and local industry members working in Robotics and Automation for informal networking fun!


Stretch Robot Pitch Competition
Info Session
September 26, 2022 | 12pm – 1pm | Marcus Nano 1117 - 1118

Seeking innovative and creative robotics solutions to support individuals aging with disabilities

  • Awards: $1000 first place & $500 runners up
  • Submission Requirements: 2-page description and 3-minute pitch video
  • Submission Deadline: November 22, 2022
  • Eligibility: open to all currently enrolled Georgia Tech students(undergraduate and graduate) Contestants may enter submissions individually or as a team.
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IRIM Overview

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Robotics Research

The depth and breadth of IRIM breaks through disciplinary boundaries and allows for transformative research that transitions from theory to robustly deployed systems featuring next-generation robots. Fundamental research includes expertise in mechanics, control, perception, artificial intelligence and cognition, interaction, and systems. Our strategic research is organized around six main themes.

Robotics Education

Georgia Tech offers an interdisciplinary path to an MS in Robotics, as well as the first Ph.D. program in robotics, to students enrolled in a participating school within either the College of Computing or the College of Engineering. A fully integrated, multidisciplinary experience, the M.S. & Ph.D. programs include both coursework and research with faculty members in various units across campus.

Core Research Facilities

The Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines at Georgia Tech supports and facilitates the operation of several core research facilities on campus allowing our faculty, students and collaborators to advance the boundaries of robotics research.

IRIM & Industry

Our Industry Affiliates Program allows members to explore opportunities for research collaboration, facilities and services, consulting, student hiring, and other interactions. Whether you join as a strategic partner, an affiliate, or as a member of one of our customized consortia, your company will be supported through our work as a interdisciplinary group of robotics leaders.

IRIM & Outreach

The Institute for Robotics & Intelligent Machines (IRIM) participates in numerous K-12 STEM and community outreach activities related to robotics. Additionally, IRIM hosts tours throughout the year, and our student group, RoboGrads, participates in activities to raise awareness of the importance of robotics technology and stimulate interest in the field

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See the Full Lineup of IRIM @ IROS 2022 Accepted Papers Here!


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Video Features

GTGraffiti: The Robot That Paints Like a Human

Robotic Swimming in Curved Space via Geometric Phase