Robotics Careers & Internships


Honda Research Institute

USA (HRI-US) has multiple internship openings for Fall/Winter 2023-2024 in the following categories.

Interested applicants are encouraged to refer to this file for the description of each internship position and the required qualifications. A complete list of available positions including full-time positions can be found on our career’s website (


Computer Vision

  • Human Activity Prediction (Job Number: P22INT-28)
  • Visuo-Linguistic Models for Human-Machine Interaction (Job Number: P22INT-37)
  • Visual Scene Understanding and Common-Sense Reasoning under Uncertainty (Job Number: P22INT-45)
  • Video Understanding and Visual Reasoning (Job Number: P22INT-48)

Human-Computer Interaction

  • Human Action Understanding in Long Videos (Job Number: P22INT-29)
  • Human Factors Research Intern (Job Number: P22INT-30)
  • Computational Models for Human-Aware Systems (Job Number: P22INT-35)
  • Communication and HMI Research Intern (Job Number: P22INT-41)
  • Human-AI Teaming Research Intern (Job Number: P22INT-40)
  • Affective Computing and Driver State Estimation (P23INT-02)

Machine Learning/AI

  • Research Intern: Interaction Aware Motion Planning (Job Number: P22INT-39)
  • Generative models for scene synthesis (Job Number: P22INT-42)
  • Scene understanding and causal reasoning for ADAS (Job Number: P22INT-43)
  • Driver Behavior and Intent Prediction Intern (Job Number: P23INT-01)
  • Robotics Intention Estimation for Teleoperation (action, task recognition and prediction) (Job Number: P22INT-31)
  • Physical Human-Robot Interaction (Job Number: P22INT-32)
  • Visuotactile Perception for Robotic Manipulation (Job Number: P22INT-33)
  • Interpersonal Dynamics Understanding in Human-Human-Robot Interaction (Job Number: P22INT-34)
  • Deep Learning Based Dexterous Manipulation (Job Number: P22INT-36)
  • Robotic Dexterous Manipulation (Job Number: P22INT-38)
  • Multi-robot Team Formation Research Intern (Job Number: P22INT-47)

Software Engineering

  • Autonomous Systems (Job Number: P22INT-24)
  • Robotics Software Engineering Intern (Job Number: P22INT-44)


How to Apply:

Submit applications through our website (
Candidates must have the legal right to work in the U.S.A.

Contact: Dr. Qiang Zhang | Senior Scientist - Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. |




Dorabot []is a local robotics company actively seeking interns for a program that involves students in a full industry production cycle, with industry grade robotic applications, and hands on engagement in their lab. Interns should submit their applications directly to Ms. Devon Clifford, Technical Recruiter (US) []


None at this time


The Multi-Agent Autonomy Group at JPL

JPL is working on several projects to demonstrate autonomy capabilities on a multi-agent system (robotic and spacecraft) in support of the future NASA exploration missions. The researcher will work closely with JPL autonomy experts to develop and mature multi-agent autonomy enabling technologies that address the current challenges in deploying such systems for scientific exploration purposes. A successful candidate will work with JPL technologists and scientists to devise novel coordination, estimation, information sharing, and control algorithms that enable a team of agents to collaboratively explore our universe.  Candidates are expected to perform literature review, algorithm development and simulation, analysis of the results, and report results in scientific publications and technical reports.

The Multi-Agent Autonomy Group at JPL is looking for exceptional candidates for both post-doctoral and full-time positions. U.S. person status is not required, although many projects are only accessible to U.S. citizens.

Desired skills include:

  • Hands on field robotics experience
  • Strong C++/Python coding skills
  • Multi-agent architecture and behavior design
  • Distributed estimation, world model building, knowledge sharing
  • Distributed task recognition, allocation, and scheduling  

Please direct your resumes/CVs and questions to Gail Woodward ( and Amir Rahmani (


Dorabot [] is a local robotics company hiring for multiple roles ranging from Systems Support Engineer, Project Engineer & Robotic Software engineers. They are looking for students who are finishing undergraduate, or are in their graduate programs, in Computer Science, Electrical OR Mechanical Engineering focusing on Robotics. PHD candidates are also encouraged to apply for Researcher Scientist roles also available. Applicants may review the job description by logging on the Careerbuzz portal and searching Dorabot. The posting may also be found on their website's career page at: