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Georgia Tech research and teaching in robotics comprises the foundational concepts of robotics and automation, robotics system design, motion planning, perception, to applications of machine learning, optimization, and formal methods for designing cyber-physical intelligent machines. Additionally, may Georgia Tech interdisciplinary lab teams work to design and buildthe next generation of simple and complex industrial robots, as well as frontline service robots, assistive and rehabilitation robotics, wearable robotics, biomedical, surgical and clinical robots, IRIM faculty and students are working to transform lives and industries by making the next generation of robots smarter, safer and better human teammates.


Recent Publications


A. AlBeladi, E. Ripperger, S. Hutchinson and G. Krishnan, "Hybrid Eye-in-Hand/Eye-to-Hand Image Based Visual Servoing for Soft Continuum Arms"

Batuhan Altundas, Zheyuan Wang, and Matthew Gombolay, "Towards Learning Fast Human-Robot Coordination with Recurrent Neural Schedule Propagation On Heterogenous Graphs"

Gerry Chen, Seth Hutchinson, Frank Dellaert, “Locally Optimal Estimation and Control of Cable Driven Parallel Robots using Time Varying Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) Control”

Angel Daruna, Devleena Das, Sonia Chernova, "Explainable Knowledge Graph Embedding: Inference Reconciliation for Knowledge Inferences Supporting Robot Actions"

Nakul Gopalan, Nina Moorman, Manisha Natarajan, Matthew Gombolay, “Negative Result for Learning from Demonstration: Challenges for End-Users Teaching Robots with Task And Motion Planning Abstractions”.

Patrick Grady, Jeremy A. Collins, Samarth Brahmbhatt, Christopher D. Twigg, Chengcheng Tang, James Hays, Charles C. Kemp, "Visual Pressure Estimation and Control for Soft Robotic Grippers".

Hao, Z. et al. “Controlling Collision-Induced Aggregations in a Swarm of Micro Bristle Robots”.

Leigh, N. G., Lee, H., & Kraft, B., “Disparities in robot adoption among US manufacturers: a critical economic development challenge”.

Jaein Lim, Siddhartha Srinivasa, Panagiotis Tsiotras, "Lazy Lifelong Planning for Efficient Replanning in Graphs with Expensive Edge Evaluation".

Ren Liu, Nitish Sontakke, Sehoon Ha, "PM-FSM: Policies Modulating Finite State Machine for Robust Quadrupedal Locomotion".

M. A. Murtaza, S. Aguilera, M. Waqas and S. Hutchinson, "Safety Compliant Control for Robotic Manipulator with Task and Input Constraints".

Tsung-Yen Yang, Tingnan Zhang, Linda Luu, Sehoon Ha, Jie Tan, Wenhao Yu, "Safe Reinforcement Learning for Legged Locomotion".

Naoki Yokoyama, Qian Luo, Dhruv Batra, Sehoon Ha, "Benchmarking Augmentation Methods for Learning Robust Navigation Agents: the Winning Entry of the 2021 iGibson Challenge".

Yetong Zhang, Gerry Chen, Adam Rutkowski, Frank Dellaert, “Efficient Range-Constrained Manifold Optimization with Application to Cooperative Navigation".

Ziyi Zhou, Bruce Wingo, Nathan Boyd, Seth Hutchinson, Ye Zhao, "Momentum-Aware Trajectory Optimization and Control for Agile Quadrupedal Locomotion”.

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Research Videos


Faster-than-reflexes Robo-boots Boost Balance
GTGraffiti: The Robot That
Paints Like a Human
Democratizing Robot Learning: Placing the Power of Robots in the Hands of End Users
User State Adaptive Assistance Strategy to Enhance Human Locomotion Using a Robotic Hip Exoskeleton
Controlling Collision-Induced Aggregations in a Swarm of Micro Bristle Robots
Design and Control of a Quadruped Robot Panther for Highly Dynamic Motions
Probabilistic Reasoning on Lie Groups with Application to Nonparametric Object and Parts Modeling