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The annual Georgia Tech Robotics Research Showcase gives attendees the opportunity to interact with talented robotics students enrolled in engineering programs in Mechanical, Electrical & Computer, Aerospace, and Biomedical, as well as students enrolled in Computer Science. The group is a mixture of graduate and undergraduate students nearing graduation, mid-career students looking for internship opportunities, and new students looking to find promising research directions. Each student will present a research poster, offering you an opportunity to see their work and their scientific process




2:00 p.m. | Panel Discussion: Robotics Start-ups
Featuring Ward Broom, Dan Goldman, Kevin DeMarco - Founder of RIF Robotics, Roby Lynn - Founder of R2 Labs, and Dennis Siedlak - Founder and CTO of SlipRobotics
 2:45 p.m. | Poster Session (with light snacks)
4:15 p.m. | Panel Session: Robotics and AI: The Hype, the Dangers, Responsible Research
Featuring Mark Riedl, Judy Hoffman, and Shreyas Kousik