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GT @ IROS 2022

Accepted Papers

Ali Al-Beladi, Evan Ripperger, Seth Hutchinson, and Girish Krishnan
"Hybrid Eye-in-Hand/ Eye-to-Hand Image Based Visual Servoing for Soft Continuum Arms"

Batuhan Altundas, Zheyuan Wang, and Matthew Gombolay
"Learning Coordination Policies Over Heterogeneous Graphs forHuman-Robot Teams via Recurrent Neural Schedule Propagation"

Gerry Chen, Seth Hutchinson, and Frank Dellaert
"Locally Optimal Estimation and Control of Cable Driven Parallel Robots using Time Varying Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) Control"

Angel Daruna, Devleena Das, and Sonia Chernova
"Explainable Knowledge Graph Embedding: Inference Reconciliation for Knowledge Inferences Supporting Robot Actions"

Patrick Grady, Jeremy A. Collins, Samarth Brahmbhatt, Christopher D. Twigg, Chengcheng Tang, James Hays, and Charles C. Kemp
"Visual Pressure Estimation and Control for Soft Robotic Grippers"

Jaein Lim, Siddhartha Srinivasa, and Panagiotis Tsiotras
"Lazy Lifelong Planning for Efficient Replanning in Graphs with Expensive Edge Evaluation"

Ren Liu, Nitish Rajnish Sontakke, and Sehoon Ha
"Policies Modulating Finite State Machine for Robust Quadrupedal Locomotion"

Muhammad Ali Murtaza, Sergio Aguilera, Muhammad Waqas, and Seth Hutchinson,
"Safety Compliant Control for Robotic Manipulator with Task and Input Constraints"

Mohamad Qadri, Paloma Sodhi, Joshua Mangelson, Frank Dellaert, and Michael Kaess,
"InCOpt: Incremental Constrained Optimization using the Bayes Tree"

Mariah L. Schrum, Mark Connolly, Eric Cole, Mihir Ghetiya, Robert Gross, and Matthew Gombolay
"Meta-active Learning in Probabilistically-Safe Optimization"

Tsung-Yen Yang, Wenhao Yu, Tingnan Zhang, Sehoon Ha, and Jie Tan
"Safe Reinforcement Learning for Legged Locomotion"

Naoki Yokoyama, Qian Luo, Dhruv Batra, and Sehoon Ha
"Benchmarking Augmentation Methods for Learning Robust Navigation Agents: The Winning Entry of the 2021 iGibson Challenge"

Yetong Zhang, Gerry Chen, Adam Rutkowski, and Frank Dellaert
"Efficient Range-Constrained Manifold Optimization with Application to Cooperative Navigation"

Ziyi Zhou, Bruce Wingo, Nathan Boyd, Seth Hutchinson, and Ye Zhao
"Momentum-Aware Trajectory Optimization and Control for Agile Quadrupedal Locomotion"


Decision Making in Multi-Agent Systems  2022 IROS Full-Day Workshop



Multi-agent systems are widely applicable to real-world problems and applications ranging from warehouse automation to environmental monitoring, autonomous driving, and even game playing. While multi-agent systems can execute time-sensitive, complex, and large-scale problems that are intractable for single agents, it is challenging to efficiently coordinate such systems for cooperative or non-cooperative tasks. On the other hand, decision making and reinforcement learning in single-agent scenarios have seen tremendous achievements in recent years; yet, translation of many single-agent techniques to the multi-agent domain may not be straightforward. The main challenges lie intrinsically in the nature of the multi-agent systems, including: complex interaction dynamics, constrained inter-agent communication, complex optimality, heterogeneity in the system and the potential presence of adversaries.

In this workshop, we aim to bring together multi-agent systems experts and researchers from different disciplines, ranging from robotics, machine learning, and game theory, to share the recent advances, open problems, and challenges in their respective fields and brainstorm research thrusts that will lead us towards revolutionary advances in multi-agent systems. The workshop will consist of invited speakers, presentations from researchers with original research papers, and poster sessions. We hope that through our multi-faceted workshop and the talks of our expert speakers, we can attract the interest of the robotics community on research challenges specific to multi-agent decision making.


  • Multi-agent reinforcement learning
  • Multi-agent planning and scheduling
  • Multi-agent systems in adversarial environments
  • Bounded rationality Heterogeneous team coordination
  • Emergent communication learning in multi-agent systems
  • Multi-agent systems and challenges: scalability, credit assignment, non-stationarity, etc.
  • Multi-agent decision-making and Transformers: decision-making as a sequence modeling problem
  • Multi-agent decisions and Social dilemmas
  • Explainable multi-agent decision-making


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