2020 Esports Symposium and Invitational Schedule

2020 Esports Symposium and Invitational Schedule

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(updated schedule)

9:00 AM:  Introductions and Welcome – Siva Jayaraman

9:15 AM:  Welcome address – Beth Mynatt

9:30 AM:  Panel: Universities and their impact on the future of esports 
This panel will discuss the current state of esports in universities and the impact students can
and will have on the future of esports
Moderator – Laura Levy
  Abhinav Venkatesan, VP GT Esports
  Michael Brooks, Executive Director NACE 
  Lucas Bailey, Asst Director, GSU Esports

10:00 AM:  End of Panel.

10:30 AM:  Rocket League Tournament 

11:30 AM:  End of Tournament 

11:45 AM:  Fireside chat: Esports Rapid Growth and Atlanta's Contribution
Participants: Todd Harris & Grant Wainscott
Atlanta is now broadly recognized as a hub for video-game development, a $140 billion global industry, and esports, the fastest-growing segment of that industry with an audience size of almost 500 million people.  Learn about the esports industry growth and how Atlanta companies are contributing to and participating in that growth as game publishers, tournament operators, professional teams, local venues, and more.

1:00 PM:  Wrap up.

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