IPaT Research Fellowship Program 2021

Request For Proposals - IPaT Research Fellowship Program

Submission deadline: November 7, 2021

The Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) at Georgia Tech is excited to announce the launch of our Research Fellowship program starting Spring 2021. This program aims to bring together students from across campus to partner with industry mentors and collaborators in the IPaT ecosystem. IPaT research fellowships should initiate new avenues of research or further existing research activities. The Fellowship provides funding in partnership with sponsors, as well as resources and access to assets – labs, technologies, data - that IPaT oversees. This year’s funding is generously provided by Verizon Wireless.

IPAT cordially invites students from across all disciplines and class levels (graduate and undergraduate) to submit research fellowship proposals to fund one academic year of research from Jan 2022 – Dec 2022 (Spring and Fall semesters). IPAT will cover tuition (along with the student’s home school/college) for graduate students and provide stipends for both graduate and undergraduate students. Additional research project funds and support will be made available for Summer 2022 for Research Fellows on a case-by-case basis.

Proposals should align with one of IPaT’s four research pillars: -

1) Lifelong Health and Well-Being
From pediatrics to aging, IPaT's continuum of healthcare research is working to promote and enable vibrant and lifelong physical and mental health. Accomplished scholars and clinicians work together to transform healthcare delivery systems by creating novel and easily accessible health and wellness technologies. IPaT has led breakthroughs in health information technology, approaches for increasing patient engagement and treatment adherence, clinical process improvements, and new healthcare delivery knowledge.

2) Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation
IPaT’s work in this area focuses on the daily lives of communities – how they live, work and play. We are finding innovative approaches to shaping sustainable cities with research that thinks globally while acting locally. We're examining the transformative role of technology in transportation, civic engagement, and disaster recovery focusing on novel communication and information technologies to aid communities during disaster and crisis situations.

3) Shaping the Human-Technology Frontier
IPaT is shaping the human-technology frontier by augmenting human capabilities at every level. We're exploring new ideas in user experiences that foster creativity, stimulate learning and enable productive collaboration. Through this initiative, we're researching and developing novel wearable computing, assistive, augmented reality, and gaming technologies.

4) Platforms and Services for Socio-Technical Systems
Through our socio-technical systems research, IPaT is merging physical and digital worlds with complex data analytic and communication capabilities. We are building new network infrastructure technologies with the goal of creating connected systems that support communities. IPaT is also leveraging the wealth of expertise across Georgia Tech's colleges and schools, as well as partner institutions, to understand and enable fundamental change of complex enterprise systems.

Preference will be given to early-stage research with a high probability of continued collaboration and future extramural funding, and with a strong interdisciplinary component. This current round of fellowships is sponsored by Verizon Wireless. 

Eligibility requirements:

·         Currently enrolled in a degree granting program at Georgia Tech in good standing

·         Member of an ongoing research project at Georgia Tech led by a Georgia Tech PI

·         In good standing in accordance with all of Georgia Tech’s student conduct policies

·         A US citizen or Permanent Resident 

Graduate fellowships include GRA stipend and tuition waiver. Undergraduate fellowships includestipend only. Fellowship winners will be required to:

·         Acknowledge IPaT and Verizon support in research presentations and publications

·         Provide a concise project description for online publication

·         Provide an interim and final project report

·         Be available to meet with Verizon representatives during meetings with Georgia Tech and IPaT.

Proposal Submission:

The proposal should be submitted as a single PDF document no more than three pages in length, and must include the following 

·         A description of the research project including:

o    Background and motivations behind of the project

o    Work to be conducted through the Fellowship

o    Anticipated impact of the proposed work

·         A description of how the grant will enable subsequent collaborative research, including specific sponsored funding programs, grants, and/or partnerships

·         A description of any IPaT capabilities needed for this proposed research (e.g. access to labs, data, collaboration facilities)

Additional required materials include:

·         A budget detailing students funding request

·         Student’s CV 

·         A list of current collaborators and partners in proposed research project

·         A support letter from the PI/Faculty supervising the research project

Proposals must be submitted to ipat@gatech.edu by November 7, 2021. Awards will be announced in the mid-November.