Food For Thought: Developing a Cognitive Training Game for Older Adults

Food For Thought: Developing a Cognitive Training Game for Older AdultsFaculty: 

Maribeth Gandy, Laura Levy, Rob Solomon, Ben Thompson


Nathan Bailey, Daniel Branton, Amelia Lambeth, Ben Thompson, Lisa Xia

Over the past two years, we have performed experiments to understand what activities within a video game context result in cognitive gains (and which do not). From these findings, we have developed a custom cognitive game called "Food for Thought."

The specific goals of this research program are to understand how video games can contribute to improvements in cognition, what properties of the gaming environment (novelty, active attention, and/or social interaction) are critical for cognitive improvement, create an older adult-specific game that leverages the critical properties identified empirically, and test the efficacy of this theoretically designed game to produce the largest gains in the cognitive performance of older adults.


Interactive Media Technology Center (IMTC)


Maribeth Gandy

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