GVU/IPaT Engagement Grants

The GVU Center and the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT), with additional support from GTRI support two separate types of grant proposals. Research Grants provide seed funding for new research collaborations, and Engagement Grants provide support for new forms of internal and external community engagement and collaboration.

We’re pleased to announce that the following projects were selected for 2019-2020:

From #hashtags to Movements: Performance, Collective Narrative, and Erasure, a Black Feminist Perspective
Brooke Bosley and Susana Morris (Digital Media)

Workshop on Language, Technology, and Society
Lelia Glass (Modern Languages)

Getting Good: Using esports to inspire students in developing STEM skills
Laura Levy (IMTC), Andrew Partridge (GTRI), and Sean Mulvanity (GTRI)

Detecting and Measuring the Impact of Food Insecurity at Georgia Tech
Jon Sanford (Industrial Design) and Thomas Ploetz (Interactive Computing)

Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment 2019
Anne Sullivan (Literature, Media, and Communication) and Mark Riedl (Interactive Computing)

Acoustic Sensor Deployment in the EcoCommons
Emily Weigel (Biological Sciences), Adam Beteul (Atlanta Audobon Society), David Anderson (ECE), and Matthew Swarts (GTRI)

Selected on November 24, 2020 (Fall 2020):

Sorting Through the Racks and CAPTCHAs: Exploring the Use and Regulation of Automation Tools by Communities of Online Fashion Resellers in Poshmark.com
Faculty project team members: Christopher Le Dantec (LMC), Robert Rosenberger (Public Policy), Sara Miles Espinosa (LMC)
Electrochromic Skin: Exploring the Design and Fabrication of Epidermal Displays for Somatic Data-Awareness
Faculty project team members: Sang Leigh (Industrial Design), W. Hong Yeo (Mechanical Engineering), Noah Posner (College of Design)
COVID-19 and Child Maltreatment Through Two Different Lenses: Online Media and Official Administrative Reports
Faculty project team members: Diyi Yang (Interactive Computing), Lindsey Bullinger (Public Policy)
Healing Justice: Co-Designing for Black Communities
Faculty project team members: Susana Morris (LMC), Brooke Bosley (LMC)
Alone Together: Empowering Student Community Building and Content Engagement Through Digital Collaboration in Remote Learning
Faculty project team members: Laura Levy (IMTC), Anne Sullivan (LMC)
Going Pro: Bridging the Gap Between Georgia K-12 Students, STEM Education, and the e-Sports Industry
Faculty project team members: Laura Levy (IMTC), Sean Mulvanity (Bradwell Institute), Richard Catrambone (Psychology), Bryan Cox (GA Department of Education), Lien Diaz (Constellations Center)
Developing a New Cellular-based Sensor Platform for IoT/Smart Cities Projects
Faculty project team members: Russ Clark (Computer Science), Peter Presti (IMTC), Scott Gilliland (IMTC)