The Ergonomic Ultra-wideband Stethoscope provides robust, objective monitoring and diagnosis of pulmonary irregularities.


Convergence Areas:

Our project address several CIC Convergence Areas.  It promotes IPaT's lifelong health and well-being Research Pillar, because it provides objective, continuous monitoring and diagnosis in a flexible, wireless form-factor.  This is going to save more lives that would have been affected by misdiagnosis and be more comfortable to wear for longer periods than traditional rigid, wired devices.  It is aligned with Georgia Tech's strategic plan to Champion Innovation as this device implements novel wireless technology called Ultra-wideband, a designated high frequency, high bandwidth, high data rate network, which will provide the most reliable monitoring, likely to fundamentally change the clinical setting forever.  Additionally, our projects highlights a clear market opportunity, business model, ease of use demonstration, and a technologically superior device than what is on the market.  Finally, it supports the United Nations Goals to ensure healthy lives and well-being for all ages especially in regards to assisting in monitoring persistent and emerging pulmonary health pandemics such as COVID-19.


Team Members:

  • Bryan Starbuck
  • Sung Hoon Lee