Winners Spring 2020

Create and Perform

1st - TeamSpot2nd - AirNotes
TeamSpot helps students form teams!AirNotes is the first 100% Siri-based note-taking app - it's perfect for anyone who needs to take their notes hands free.

Health and Wellness

1st - GymSplat2nd - GT Mental Health App
GymSplat is a mobile application that reduces congestion at the gym and makes the workout environment easier and more productive for everyone.Our app helps GT students discuss minor mental health concerns, receive support from other students, and learn about GT mental health services.

Special Award: Global Response

1st - food4me2nd - StoreStash
food4me helps everyone find the perfect nearby restaurant to accommodate them, no matter their dietary restrictions. 
Create-X Golden Ticket Winner!
StoreStash offers a gig economy where Georgia Tech students with extra storage space can take in items and make money passively, while saving their peers money compared to conventional storage units.

Honorable Mention

The project provides college students with a streamlined platform for accessing the information they need in order to choose which courses best fit their priorities during course registration process.