Winners Spring 2018


Health and Wellness

1st - VisChef 2nd - Helping Hands @ GT
Bringing bold, healthy recipes to users with the power of image recognition Allows Georgia Tech students to chat remotely with health professionals

Smart Cities and IoT

1st - Endsyte 2nd - Course Planner
Providing business analytics, crime prevention, and more using radio broadcast insights A mobile app that automatically plans a Georgia Tech student's course schedule

Art and Culture

1st - Eventure 2nd - Memeois
Connect with others through photo sharing A personalized all meme platform -- Giphy meets Instagram but for memes

Sports & Fan Experience

1st - Player 2 2nd - Bleacher Buddy
A mobile exclusive platform where players can match with duo partners for select games easily Mobile application that connects remote viewers of a sports event to connect with fans at the stadium and each other