Winners Spring 2017

Life Long Health and Wellbeing

1st - Operating Room Computer Asepsis System 2nd - Responsive Letterboard for Autism Spectrum Disorder
One of the greatest threats to patient safety during an operation is surgical side infection. ORCA system is designed to help OR professionals to detect and prevent any possible contamination during operations. It collects information from OR personnel, and sonifys the information to users who are to or violate the OR aseptic protocol. A Responsive Letterboard aimed to help Autism Spectrum Disorder. When the child presses on the letter, in real-time, the letter will transfer to the Web User Interface to allow the clinicians to view the data.

Smart Cities and Healthy Communities

1st - NowWhat 2nd - MARTAnow
NowWhat is an app that displays events, parties and more using an intuitive and interactive map interface centered around the user. MARTAnow provides a seamless door-2-door transit experience by augmenting public transport with low-cost travel modes.

Socio-Technical Systems and Human-Technology Frontier Innovation

1st - Food For Thought 2nd - Beltline Display
Food For Thought connects businesses with excess edible food to feed those in need, instantly. Interactive map for the beltline.