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Scanner Digital Demonstrator is a digital demonstrator that allows students to gain hands-on learning experience by replacing a physical instrument when they are not readily available.


Areas of Interest:

This project address the goal of Shaping the Human-Technology Frontier.
We are working towards enabling students to have better learning experiences when there is hands-on learning required. Courses often have physical instruments with which students have to have hands-on exposure. When these instruments are not readily available, due to location, cost or when classes are offered remotely, access to the equipment required to gain this exposure can impede the accomplishment of the stated course objective.
Scanner aims to enable equipment access to students in remote learning environments or in situations where access to equipment is restricted. Scanner can also be used as an instructional tool in a classroom setting to showcase the functionality of a laser scanner. Using technology, we aim to increase equitable access to equipment to improve the learning experience for students.


Team Members:

  • Steve Kangisser
  • Abishek Shankar

Project Video: