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The CSMwear patch measures chest-surface heart vibrations and uses deep learning to classify cognitive stress in dementia patients.


Convergence Areas:

At CSMwear, our vision aligns well with the CIC convergence areas because we seek to leverage novel advances in soft, skin-like electronics, signal processing, internet of things (IoT), and deep learning to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. At the core of our vision is a system that can provide crucial insights into a dementia patient’s cognitive stress in real time and update a caregiver, addressing a crucial unmet need that drastically limits the care we can provide dementia patients. This work is in strong alignment with the Georgia Tech Strategic Plan because we seek to push the bleeding edge of soft electronics for physiological monitoring and, in so doing, create systems that improve the human condition. In addition, our work is a crucial step in improving lifelong health and well-being, which is a core IPaT research pillar. Because our patch could reduce the need for expensive, around the clock patient monitoring and will be available at an affordable price, we are greatly improving access to care. We have also integrated pulse ox and electrocardiography sensors, which allows our device to replace traditional, obtrusive health checkups that can frighten dementia patients. Finally, we are in a strong position to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3, 8, and 10. We seek to improve healthcare outcomes for dementia patients, including those who are often neglected. Around the world, there are very few effective interventions against dementia, and there are almost none in impoverished areas. We will drastically increase access to care because of our low-cost system and increase patient outcomes simultaneously, bringing us into alignment with goals 3 and 10. In addition, this technology will enable the creation of many employment opportunities, and we are committed to keeping work culture and hiring in concurrence with our mission to promote sustainability and equity.

Team Members:

Nathan Zavanelli
Sung Hoon (Josh) Lee

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