CEP Symposium 2022

CEP Research Symposium 2022

On Friday, February 11, 2022 from 9:00 AM to Noon (EST), researchers, stakeholders, staff, members, care partners and community members will meet to take stock, move forward, encourage collaboration, and synergize the progress we have made at CEP. Attendees will hear from various researchers and collaborators about the work they have accomplished and what they are planning in conjunction with the CEP members in 2022. In addition, recipients of the 2021 Cognitive Empowerment Program - Innovation Accelerator seed grant program will present their research findings and the 2022 seed grant recipients will introduce their proposals. To learn more about the CEP, please visit http://empowerment.emory.edu. 

To register for the conference, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cognitive-empowerment-program-research-symposium-tickets-243724896727. And for more information about the symposium, please contact simtigrate@design.gatech.edu. 


Evaluating Spaces at the Cognitive Empowerment Center – Lessons Learned for Quality Improvement 
Herminia Machry and Raha Rastegar 

Safety at Home Research: Early Lessons 
Brian Jones and Maureen Burke 

Google Home 
Toma Zubaity 

Teaching People with MCI to Use Technology
Breanna Carter 

The Right Steps II Project 
Tony Stringer 

Co-Design Toolkit 
Leila Aflatoony 

Speech Perception​ 
Clayton Feustel 

Music, Mood, and Memory 
Grace Lesile and Bryce Irvins 

Moving Yourself in Space and Time: The MYSTIC STUDY 
Madeleine Hackney 

Sleep Quality of People with MCI 
Ece Erdogmus, Andrea Green, and Eunhwa Yang 

Recorded Video Presentations 
Presentation videos for the February 11, 2022 second annual Charlie and Harriet Shaffer Cognitive Empowerment Program Research Symposium. Video links below featuring presentations from a broad range of researchers who have engaged in collaborative research with individuals living with mild cognitive impairment. There is a wealth of content in these videos and we have split them up so you can access the content relevant to you.  We hope that you find this information as interesting and useful as we do. If anything here sparks your curiosity and you want to connect with the presenters please reach out to us at simtigrate@design.gatech.edu and we can help make those connections.

Part 1: Opening https://vimeo.com/681405928/f071b3bae2
Speakers: Allan Levey, Jennifer DuBose

Part 2: Built Environment Projects https://vimeo.com/681413982/899d5b1478
Speakers: Craig Zimring, Herminia Machry, Raha Rastegar, Brian Jones, Maureen Burke

Part 3: Technology Solutions https://vimeo.com/681418123/0d08e42b81
Speakers: Agata Rozga, Toma Zubaity, Breanna Carter, Tony Stringer

Part 4: Engaging Students https://vimeo.com/681421874/6afcb194fc
Speakers: Herminia Machry, Leila Aflatoony

Part 5: Previous Seed Grants https://vimeo.com/681427400/70455426b6
Speakers: Amy Rodriguez, Clayton Feustel, Bryce Irvin

Part 6: New Seed Grants https://vimeo.com/681430377/0c7690be3d
Speakers: Jennifer DuBose, Michael Rosenberg, Eunhwa Yang, Andrea Green

CEP Research Symposium 2021 

View recorded sessions of the inaugural research symposium, January 2021: 
CEP Research Symposium (Part 1 – Opening Plenary
CEP Research Symposium (Part 2 – 2020 Seed Grant Reports)
CEP Research Symposium (Part 3 – Closing Plenary