foad hamidi

Investigating Transdisciplinary Approaches for Community-engagement

Speaker: Foad Hamidi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Information Systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Date: 2023-11-16 12:30 pm

Technology Square Research Building (TSRB, 1st Floor Ballroom)
85 Fifth Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Participatory design (PD) offers powerful and inclusive principles and methods for enabling mutual learning among diverse stakeholders and interested parties. As our society’s aspirations for computational systems and processes that respond to multifaceted needs and desires continue to grow, so does the need to investigate approaches that transcend disciplinarity to achieve broad societal goals. One such goal is to develop the public's capacity to engage creatively and critically with emerging technologies of interest.  In this talk, I draw on several recent projects where I use community-based PD to investigate and interrogate emerging technologies, such as DIY assistive technologies and living media interfaces (LMIs), together with stakeholders. I describe how we develop and use prototypes, design activities, and art installations in these projects to generate conversation about technological and social possibilities, limitations, and implications.

Foad Hamidi is an Assistant Professor in Information Systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). His research focuses on several areas within Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), including Living Media Interfaces, Participatory Design, and DIY assistive technology. He conducts transdisciplinary community-engaged research and regularly collaborates with community partners. At UMBC, he directs the Designing pARticipatory futurEs (DARE) lab and the Interactive Systems Research Center (ISRC). He has a PhD in Computer Science from York University, Toronto.