Sanger Sequencing: An In-House Service


The Sanger Sequencing Initiative at the Molecular Evolution Core has evolved from a staff-driven to a student-run, student-enabled project over the last several years. The program gives undergraduate students an opportunity to experience a combination of science and business-oriented goals common in biotech companies these days. It also helps them to develop valuable bench skills and a results-oriented vision in order to propel them into successful research careers in the future. 

This program was built from the ground up by students under the supervision and guidance of Molecular Evolution laboratory personnel. The sequencing results match or exceed in quality the Sanger sequencing services provided by big-name competitors by providing high-quality data and one-on-one customer service. The student team managing the project grew from 1 student (Nicole Diaz, a first-year BME major) in 2019 to a team of 7 students in 2022. Six drop-off locations have been established around Georgia Tech's campus. 

The Molecular Evolution Core Sanger Sequencing project serves as a problem-based learning environment and skill incubator that promotes workflow development, interpersonal communication, targeted execution, negotiation, and customer engagement. Interdisciplinary students have recently come on board to pilot the expansion of the project with newly developed automation algorithms.

We are hiring! If you would like to join the team, please send Dr. Gregory Hair an email with your cover letter and resume. We will be accepting Federal Work Study and Work for Credit applications for the academic semesters and will also be offering a limited summer internship opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!