Designed to stimulate interdisciplinary research between world-class researchers, the Petit Institute proudly supports seed grant programs that provide funding opportunities that serve as a catalyst for bio-related breakthroughs.

Petit Institute Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grant Program

The goal of the Petit Institute Seed Grant Program is to stimulate new interdisciplinary research collaborations between Petit Institute investigators. Seed grant opportunities:

  • Collaborative Seed Grants - Proposal submissions should represent a new collaborative research project. Two co-principal investigators from different colleges are required and both must be Petit Institute faculty members. Primary faculty members are those who hold regular appointments at Georgia Tech. Priority is given to teams who have never worked together before. Learn more.
  • Core Facility Seed Grants - Petit Institute Seed Grants for Core Facilities was created to give investigators an opportunity to expand their usage of Petit Institute core facility equipment and to make grant proposals more competitive. Only one Petit Institute investigator is required per application. Core facility seed grants are intended to be limited in scope and primarily for the collection of preliminary data that would be included in a grant proposal to be submitted within the next 6 months. Core facilities seed grants are only available to investigators that currently have no other means to pay the core facilities charges associated with the requested use. Consumables are not covered by the seed grants, only hourly core facilities charges. Learn more.