People are at the center of our community, and without the talent and unselfishness of our community members, we would not all benefit from the dynamic and friendly culture that exists at Georgia Tech.

IBB is extremely proud of the hard work and success that its members have achieved. As a result of their commitment to excellence, the IBB sponsors several awards to reward individuals in various ways.

Nerem International Travel Award

To honor his life-long contributions in the field of bioengineering and his dedication to the Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience, the friends and colleagues of Bob Nerem established an annual award of up to $3,000 to support travel and living expenses for post-docs and graduate students traveling outside the U.S. as part of their research training.

To date, this award has allowed winners an opportunity to travel to universities such as Karolinska Institute, Sweden; RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan; the National University of Singapore, Singapore; the University of Twente, Netherlands; Weizmann Inst of Science, Israel; Queensland University of Technology, Australia; and ICFO, Spain as part of their research collaboration.

Notes: All funding is for international, not domestic travel. Funding will be provided via reimbursement only. The next round of applications will be accepted in Spring 2021. The funds must be used before December 2021.

Nerem Award Winners

  • 2019: Timothy Lee, Advisor: Craig Forest, Project Title: Perfecting ssEM in Connectomics through Tool Development and Multibeam SEM Imaging, Host School: Center for Advanced European Studied and Research, Bonn, Germany
  • 2018: Michael Hunckler and Anne Marie Sweeney-Jones, Advisors: Julia Kubanek and Andreas Garcia, Project Titles: Cellular Therapeutic Cure for Type 1 Diabetes and Marine Natural Products as Sources of Drugs Against Tropical Diseases, Host School: University of Toronto, Canada and the University of the South Pacific in Fiji
  • 2017: Jackson Hair, Advisor: John Oshinski, Project Title: Non-Invasive Estimation of Fractional Flow Reserve Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computational Fluid Dynamics, Host School: Center for Biomedical Imaging, Module CHUV-MR, Switzerland
  • 2016: Sabiha Runa, Advisor: Christine Payne, Project Title: Using Advanced Imaging Techniques for Protein Distribution on a Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticle Surface, Host School: The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain
  • 2015: Bradford Taylor, Advisor: Joshua Weitz, Project Title: Coinfection Strategies of Virophage and Their Ecological Effects, Host School: Max Planck Institute, Germany
  • 2014: Ashley Allen, Advisor: Bob Guldberg, Project Title: Modulation of Stem Cell Delivery Vehicle for Enhanced Bone Regeneration, Host School: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • 2013: Ryan Bloomquist, Advisor: Todd Streelman, Project Title: Novel Sources of Stem Cells for Dental Regeneration, Host School: King’s College London, England
  • 2012: Lucas Timmins, Advisor: Don Middens, Project Title: Development of an Animal-specific Computational Fluid Dynamic Models for Quantification of Surgically Induced Heterogeneous Wall Shear Stress Environment, Host School: Imperial College of London, England
  • 2011: Ian Campbell, Advisor: Bob Taylor and John Oshinski, Project Title: Computational Tools for Simulation of Hemodynamics in Vascular Disease, Host School: CILEA, Italy
  • 2010: Joel Boerckel, Advisor: Robert Guldberg, Project Title: Large animal model of composite bone-soft tissue injury
  • 2009: David Dumbauld, Advisor: Andres Garcia, Project Title: Role of Vinculin in Cell Adhesion Strengthening Response, Host School: Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  • 2008: Peng Kou, Advisor: Julia Babensee, Project Title: Development and Validation of a High throughput Methodology to Dendritic Cell Phenotype Upon in vitro Biomaterial Contact, Host School: the University of Twente, The Netherlands
  • 2007: Yash Kolambkar, Advisor: Robert Guldberg, Project Title: Engineered Bone Constructs, Host School: National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  • 2006: Jia Wei, Advisor: Al Merrill, Project Title: Serine Palmitoyltransferase in SPT KO mice, Host School: Hokkaido University, Japan
  • 2005: Harvinder Gill, Advisor: Mark Prausnitz, Project Title: Coated Microneedles and Microdermabrasion for transdermal delivery, Host School: Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

F. L. (Bud) Suddath and Frances (Lee) Gafford Suddath and Fellowship Award

The F. L. (Bud) Suddath and Frances (Lee) Gafford Suddath and Fellowship Award has been established by the family, friends, and colleagues of Bud Suddath to stimulate graduate research in the fields of biology, biochemistry, and biomedical engineering. The award, of up to $1,000 in value, is given annually to a doctoral student of Georgia Tech who has demonstrated significant research achievement in the field of biology, biochemistry, or biomedical engineering.

IBB Interdisciplinary Research and Educational "Above and Beyond" Award

The IBB Above and Beyond Awards are given to team-based individuals that demonstrate exemplary service to the institute and contribute to its warm, collaborative environment. Awards are given each year to a senior faculty member, a pre-tenure faculty member, two trainees (graduate or postdoctoral fellow), and a staff member.