Request Services

Service Request Guidelines

Step 1. Ensure that you have an active account in SUMS. To create an account:

  • Georgia Tech customers—Contact your lab manager or department finance team to be added to your PI's billing group and ensure that you have the correct project number associated with your name.
  • Non-GT customers —Please fill out the Basic Information Form. Once submitted, our finance team will contact you to help you set up an account.

Step 2. Request your desired service in SUMS.

Click here to request sequencing services. Select "High Throughput DNA Sequencing core" for a list of all HiSeq 2500 services and "Molecular Evolution" for all other sequencing services.

Step 3. Complete the relevant sample submission form from the list below. Submission guidelines are detailed on the first page of every form. Please enclose a copy of the submission form with your samples AND email a copy to

Sample Submission Forms