For the convenience of researchers on campus and in the greater Atlanta area, the Molecular Evolution Core prepares in-house products that are available for purchase at a low cost. Ranging from DNA ladders for gels to custom mutated libraries, our core staff have utilized directed mutagenesis to provide you with a variety of products that can help advance your research.

Phage Display

Phage display is a molecular evolution technique that allows for the exploration of library diversity to the limits of theoretical confines. The technology relies on the display of proteins of interest (peptides, antibodies, scaffolds, etc.) on the surface of a phage. It is one of the most powerful and widely used laboratory techniques that allows us to uncover molecular recognition/binding events of the protein-protein, protein-peptide, and protein-DNA nature.

Scientists at the Molecular Evolution core can offer their expertise in tailoring the most appropriate phage display system to meet your lab's demands. We are confident in generating high-quality libraries with a diversity of 108. We can also modify and adjust standard biopanning strategies to meet your specific needs for selection.


Surface Display

Please contact us at for more information on surface display technology.


DNA/RNA Oligosynthesis

Ordering primers from companies like IDT or Eurofins is fast and inexpensive. However, when it comes to orders of mg quantities of RNA/DNA oligos with or without modifications, the price tag can skyrocket and reach thousands of dollars. To address the growing demand for such oligos on campus, we will soon be synthesizing RNA and DNA oligos in-house, which will be available for purchase at a low cost. Stay tuned for more information!


Custom Region Saturated Mutagenesis Libraries

Please contact us at for more information on custom region saturated mutagenesis libraries prepared in the core.



Taq Polymerase

Please contact us at for more information on Taq DNA polymerase available at the core.

E.Coli and Yeast Competent Cells

Please contact us at for more information on competent cells prepared in the core.

Medium for Bacterial and Yeast Growth

Please contact us at for more information on the various kinds of media available for bacterial and yeast growth.

NEB Freezer

To address the demand of the fast-paced environment of our biotech campus, we have established an NEB freezer program on campus. It is available at the Molecular Evolution Core for your convenience. Please send a list of your frequently used NEB reagents to to ensure that they are stocked regularly.