Future of Work at the Human Technology Frontier


Building FOW Teams

The Future of Work (FOW) at the Human Technology Frontier (HTF) is one of the 10 Big Ideas at the National Science Foundation. Georgia Tech’s Institute for People and Technology IPAT has been a hub on campus for the Human Technology Frontier and has led many research projects at the intersection of technology and the changing ways people work. A person’s occupation makes up such a huge part of their life and identity that changes in the way we work, especially because of shifts in technology, have a huge impact on society in both substantial and diverse ways. As such there are many individual efforts on campus focused on how people work, and how technology aids, changes, or hampers people’s ability to work. The goal of IPaT Building Teams is to take an account of those individual efforts, including efforts with other institutions, and find connections and associations across campus to pursue larger funding sources for ongoing and newly formed projects.

Our goal is to bring together members of the Georgia Tech community already working in Future of Work to find common themes and areas for collaboration to build larger and more robust research initiatives. The aim in doing so is to apply for external funding to support these interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research collaborations in FOW.

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities

February 28th - March 3rd – IPaT Faculty Research Engagement
We would love to hear about your projects in FOW and how we might help find and facilitate resources needed in FOW endevors.
Georgia Tech faculty members and research groups can schedule to meet with IPaT leadership by signing up here to pick a day and time: https://b.gatech.edu/3Jh9iSc.

March 16th 9AM-11AM - FOW in Home Healthcare Robotics State of Technology Workshop
Virtual Event
We invite those interested in the Future of Work, Home Healthcare, or Robotics to join us for this small workshop as we begin to catalog efforts across Georgia Tech in these and adjacent fields. We will ask each attendee (or lab) to create a one slide presentation of their current work and ongoing projects so that we can all learn about ways in which we might be able to align and engage with each other. Content from the event will be documented and distributed among participants. This event is sponsored by an IPaT / IRIM seed grant focused on bringing together teams to pursue transdisciplinary research and funding.

Register and find out more information on the FOW SOT workshop by emailing kala.jordan@gatech.edu

Beginning the Team

This building teams initiative is funded by a “Building Teams Seed Grant” from the office of the Georgia Tech EVPR and an IPaT / IRIM FOW in Home Healthcare Robotics Seed Grant. Co-authors on the grants and those leading and facilitating the FOW building teams efforts include:

Clint Zeagler 
Senior Research Scientist
Institute for People and Technology

Paul Baker
Principle Research Scientist
Center for Advanced Communications Policy

Keaton Fletcher
Assistant Professor
School of Psychology

Matthew Gombolay
Assistant Professor
School of Interactive Computing

Maribeth Gandy Coleman
Principle Research Scientist
Institute for People and Technology

Kala Jordan
Research Technician II
Institute for People and Technology