D.I. Wire Pro

D.I.Wire Pro

D.I.Wire Pro

Image retrieved from Pensa Labs' website.

The D.I.Wire is a CNC wire bender.

Wire Diameters

Currently, we have tooling to bend the following wire diameters:

0.5mm0.020 in
2.0 mm*0.079 in*
3.2 mm0.125 in
5.5 mm0.217 in

* Note: this tooling also features an automatic cut accessory


The D.I.Wire in the GVU Craft Lab features optional accessories which can be found detailed below.

  • Wire Straightener: A set of guide wheels that can straighten wire prior to bending, ensuring an even and precise operation.
    Please Note: The straightener must be adjusted for each new diameter of wire used.
  • Automatic Cutter: This cutter is built into some of the bend tooling for specific wire gauges. Paths created for these sets of tooling allow the programmer to specify cut points along the path
    Please see the table of supported diameters above and note entries marked with an asterisk (*). These toolings feature an automatic cutter.