2023 Scholars and Mentors

Savi Agarwal - Georgia Institute of Technology

Mentor: Liana Kramer
Project: Project: Memory and plasma B cells, which are responsible for maintaining therapeutic levels of antibodies in the serum, are generated following antigen exposure. Not only producers of antibodies, B cells also contribute to immune regulation and act as po

Lab: Krishnendu Roy

Sarah Bahri - Georgia Institute of Technology

Petit Endowment
Mentor: Dustin Huard
Project: Project: Preparation of Nanodiscs for the Structural Characterization of the Glucocerebrosidase-Saposin C Interaction Complex

Lab: Raquel Lieberman

Yuyang Bian - Emory University

Mentor: Lisa Meyer-Baese
Project: Project: Investigating neural–hemodynamic coupling properties using wide-field voltage imaging

Lab: Shella Keilholz

Amelfa (Rose) Bleyl - Georgia Institute of Technology

Mentor: Kavita Matange
Project: Project: The evolution of factors of the protein translation system

Lab: Loren Williams

Ilyana Bonfoh - Georgia Institute of Technology

Mentor: Elisa Nieves
Project: Project: Developing a high-throughput in-vitro microtissue model that recapitulates murine dermal wound environment

Lab: Andres Garcia

Hyejee Chang - Georgia Institute of Technology

Mentor: Youngjin Kwon
Project: Project: Development of flexible and wearable sensors for Hand and finger gestures recognition and classification

Lab: Woon-Hong Yeo

Alaz Cig - Georgia Institute of Technology

Beckman Coulter
Mentor: Ramy Ghanim
Project: Project: Development of In-Body Probes for Electrical Signaling

Lab: Alex Abramson

Maeve Janecka - Georgia Institute of Technology

Beckman Coulter
Mentor: Thomas Pho
Project: Project: Low-Cost Nanotextured Stainless Steel for Intracellular Delivery

Lab: Julie Champion

Puchangxin Li - Georgia Institute of Technology

Mentor: Katherine Nguyen
Project: Project: Fibrinolysis of Neutrophil Extracellular Trap stabilized fibrin micro-scaffolds

Lab: Shuichi Takayama

Dawei Liu - Georgia Institute of Technology

Mentor: Miguel Armenta Ochoa
Project: Project: Degradable Microscaffolds for Improved CAR-T cell Manufacturing

Lab: Krishnendu Roy

Amia Loveless - Spelman College

Mentor: Cydney Wong
Project: Project: Quantification of Segmental Flow in the Trabecular Meshwork

Lab: Ross Ethier

Téja Munnings - Spelman College

Mentor: Breanna Shi
Project: Project: Quantifying behavior in Lake Malawei Cichlids with neuronal gene expression analysis

Lab: Patrick McGrath

Saitheja Pucha - Emory University

Mentor: Hanna Solomon
Project: Project: Chondrocyte Cytoskeletal Response to PCM Fortification using Cell-instructive Smart-Hydrogels

Lab: Jay Patel

Rommy Sierra - Georgia Institute of Technology

Petit Endowment
Mentor: Travis Rotterman
Project: Project: Muscle proprioceptor axons degenerate is Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease aiding in the failure to elicit a stretch reflex in this model

Lab: Timothy Cope