2019 Scholars and Mentors

Jeffrey Butler - Morehouse College

Petit Endowment
Mentor: Jiexi Liao
Project: The Role of Talin on Platelet Aggregation in Stenosis Microfluidics using Pediatric Type I Diabetic Blood Samples

Lab: Cheng Zhu

Kendreze Holland - Georgia State University

CMaT Scholar
Mentor: Fatima Chrit

Lab: Todd Sulchek

Tsuraya Iswanto - Georgia State University

UCB Scholae
Mentor: Shea McMurty
Project: Mapping Intermuscular Force Dependent Reflex Pathways using Intramuscular Stimulation in the Cat Hindlimb

Lab: T. Richard Nichols

Kaitlin Jacobson - Georgia Tech

CCE Scholar
Mentor: Moran Frenkel-Pinter
Project: Reversible Polymerization of Prebiotic Depsipeptides Leads to Structure-based Selection of Alpha-amino Acids

Lab: Nicholas Hud

Nuzhat Kabir - Georgia Tech

GB Espy Scholar
Mentor: Monica Perez
Project: Synthesis and Topical Delivery of Ionic Liquids for Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis

Lab: Mark Prausnitz

Mark Keenum - Georgia Tech

Dasher Scholar
Mentor: Randall Toy
Project: Designing virus-mimicking Nanoparticles to Enhance the Efficacy of Flu Vaccines

Lab: Krishnendu Roy

Lilian King - Georgia Tech

Beckman Coulter Scholar
Mentor: Katie Young
Project: PWM based Perfusion Bioreactor for Investigating Tumor Cell Migration

Lab: Todd Sulchek

Patrycja Kotowska - Georgia Tech

Beckman Coulter Scholar
Mentor: Shlomi Cohen
Project: The Role of Hyaluronan in Collective Cell Migration

Lab: Jennifer Curtis

Chrisangela Martin - Georgia State University

CMaT Scholar
Mentor: Seleipiri Charles
Project: Functional Imaging of Mature Forebrain Organoids using a Robust Microfluidic Platform

Lab Hang Lu

Bailey McLain - Georgia Tech

Pruitt Scholar
Mentor: Inseung Kang
Project: Smart Controlled Pediatric Powered Lower-limb Exoskeleton

Lab: Aaron Young

Matthew Ritch - Georgia Tech

Regenerative Engineering & Medicine Center Scholar
Mentor: Bailey Hannon
Project: Determining Efficacy and Toxicitiy of Genipin-induced Scleral Crosslinking in Rat Eyes

Lab: C. Ross Ethier

Joseph Shaver - Georgia Tech

Dasher Scholar
Mentor: Fabrice Bernard
Project: Nano-particles for Intra-articular Retention and Lymphatic Drug Delivery

Lab: J. Brandon Dixon

Lee-Kai Sun - Georgia Tech

UCB Scholar
Mentor: Ian Miller
Project: Engineering Genetic Thermal Switches for Remote Control of Therapeutic T Cells

Lab: Gabe Kwong

Luke Tomasovic - Georgia Tech

UCB Scholar
Mentor: Ana Stringari de Castro
Project: Designing a Staphylococcus Aureus Vaccine with Increased Immunogenicity towards Staphylococcal Cytotoxins

Lab: Ravi Kane

Kent Yamamoto - Georgia Tech

Beckman Coulter Scholar
Mentor: Yash Chitalia
Project: Phantom Model System Design for Testing Medical Robots

Lab: Jaydev Desai

Jaqueline Zhu - Emory University

UCB Scholar
Mentor: Xuanwen Hua
Project: Hybrid Super-Resolution and Light-Field Microscopy for Simultaneous Anatomical and Functional Neuronal Imaging