2009 Scholars and Mentors

Shereka Banton - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Eileen Finnegan
Project: Shear Stress and Hypoxia Modulate HSC Trafficking via Activation of BMEC

Lab: Barabino

Abby Hill - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Catherine Rivet
Project: Analysis of Cell Senescence in Expanded Primary T-Cell Population using a Microfluidic Device

Laura Kitashima - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Liang Guo
Project: Exploration of a Muscle-Based Prosthesis Using a Novel Conformable Microelectrode Array

Gita Mahmoudabadi - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Bryan Baker
Project: Detection of RNA Targets of Interest with Double Stranded DNA Probes

Michael Norsworthy - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Nina Romanova
Project: Screening for Components of Eukaryotic Aggresome in the Yeast Model

Larry Scott - Morehouse College

Mentor: Jeremy Lim
Project: Aggrecan-containing Hydrogels for Regeneration of the Ligament-bone Interface

Sydney Shaffer - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Scott Wilson
Project: Novel Dual-release Drug Delivery Vehicles: Core-shell Microparticles

Lab: Murthy

Phillip Trusty - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Kathryn Smith
Project: Development of Tough Photopolymerizable Composite Polymer Networks for Orthopedic Applications