2013 Scholars and Mentors

Derrius Anderson - Morehouse College

Medtronic Scholar
Mentor: Aubrey Tiernan
Project: Generating Improved Insulin-secreting Iintestinal L Cells for Diabetes Treatment through Alleviation of Gene Silencing

Rebecca Byler - Georgia Tech

Pruitt Scholar
Mentor: Billy Wang
Project: Application of MEMS and Microfluidic Technologies for Malaria Diagnosis and Surveillance

Marisa Casola - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Linda Kippner
Project: Characterization of Covarying Surface Protein Expression in T cell and Neutrophil Populations

Dabin Choi - Emory University

Mentor: Ji Woong "Jay" Han
Project: Identification of Molecular Mechanisms of Restoring the Defective Myelination of Diabetic Schwann cells by BM-MSCs using in vitro Co-culture System

Camden Esancy - Agnes Scott College

Mentor: Laxminarayanan Krishnan
Project: Incorporation of Bioactive Molecules in Electrospun Polymeric Membranes for Localized Activity

Meredith Fay - Georgia Tech

Mentor: David Myers
Project: Fluid Dynamics of how Sickled Red Cells Pathologically Interact with the Blood Vessel Wall in Sickle Cell Disease

David Heaner - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Sibel Kalyoncu
Project: Crystal Contact Engineering of Single Chain Antibody Fragments (scFv) to Optimize Crystal Lattices and Develop a scFv Crystallization Chaperone Toolbox

Jaheda Khanam - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Brian Cafferety
Project: Characterization of Supramolecular Polymer Systems Composed of Glycosylated Recognition Units

Alicia Lane - Georgia Tech

Gertler-Clark Scholar
Mentor: Anthony Awojoodu
Project: Molecular Contributors to Monocyte Adhesion in Sickle Cell Disease

Bryant Menn - Georgia Tech

Gertler-Clark Scholar
Mentor: Alison Douglas
Project: Modulating Fibrin Network Structure and Matrix Mechanics with pNIPAM Microgels for Controlled Stem Cell Differentiation

Ivan Morales - Georgia Tech

Medtronic Scholar
Mentor: Jennifer Johnson
Project: Characterization of Anti-EE Fab Antibody Fragment via Crystallization in Complex with Test Proteins for Proof of Concept for Approach

Dylan Richards - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Clare Gollnick
Project: A Functional Role for Perineuronal Nets in Modulating Cortical Plasticity in the Rodent Barrel Cortex

Sanjay Sridaran - Georgia Tech

Dot Defoor Powell Scholar
Mentor: Tanushree Thote
Project: Establish Novel Quantitative Parameters to Characterize Effects of Therapeutics on both Structure and Function in a Small Animal OA Model

Max Stockslager - Georgia Tech

Beckman Coulter Scholar
Mentor: Torri Rinker
Project: Multi-Functional Delivery System for Spatial and Temporal Control of Therapeutic Agent Release

Jose Vasquez Porto-Viso - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Sarah Griffiths
Project: Enhancing the Angiogenic Potential of MSCs