2012 Scholars and Mentors

Michael Butler - Georgia Tech

Bell Scholar
Mentor: Adam Prasanphanich
Project: Characterization of Smad Localization Under Redox Perturbation of TGF Signaling

Frederick Damen - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Behnaz Yousefi
Project: Effects of Nodal and Edge Definitions on Anatomical Brain Networks in Three Primate Species

Kyle Ferguson - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Jonathan Park
Project: Identification of the substrate specificity of nitroreductases, and alteration via protein engineering

Kelsey Gratton - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Megan Cole
Project: Expanding biology: Engineering tRNAs for delivery of unnatural amino acids to the ribosome

Alexandria Harrison - Georgia Tech

Medtronic Scholar
Mentor: Sharanya Desai
Project: Comparing Stimulation Performance of Microelectrodes to that of Traditional Macroelectrodes used in Deep Brain Stimulation

Susan Hastings - Georgia Tech

Pruitt Scholar
Mentor: Marmar Merabadi
Project: Thrombus Formation in Pediatric ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Circuits

Kathleen Heller - Georgia Tech

Medtronic Scholar
Mentor: Yu Zhang
Project: Crosstalk between the ability of repetitive DNA sequences GAA/TTC to serve as promoters and their potential to drive genome instability

Jacob Johnson - Georgia Tech

St. Joseph's Translational Research Institute Scholar
Mentor: Arvind Santhanakrishnan
Project: Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Compliance in Fontan Surgical Connections

Taylor Kavanaugh - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Asha Shekaran
Project: A transgenic luciferase mouse model for non-invasive imaging of endogenous osteoprogenitor cell invasion and vascularization into a radial segmental defect

Lu Ling - Georgia Tech

Medtronic Scholar
Mentor: Melissa Kinney
Project: Analysis of signaling to direct embryonic stem cell differentiation a microfluidic co-culture

Robert Mannino - Georgia Tech

St. Joseph's Translational Research Institute Scholar
Mentor: David Myers
Project: Automated Mobile Phone Telemicroscopy for Sickle Cell Disease Screening

Mohamad Najia - Georgia Tech

Beckman Coulter Scholar
Mentor: Jenna Wilson
Project: Influencing encapsulated stem cell factor secretion through hypoxic conditioning

Marc Powell - Georgia Tech

Bell Scholar
Mentor: Ming-fai Fong
Project: Multi-well optogenetic stimulation system for studying homeostatic synaptic plasticity in cultured cortical networks in vitro

Sydney Rowson - Georgia Tech

Medtronic Scholar
Mentor: Alana Reed
Project: Investigation of the cytoskeleton and energy-dependent processes as mechanisms of lipid transport across the lymphatic endothelium

Abhinav Sharma - Emory University

St. Joseph's Translational Research Institute Scholar
Mentor: Brad Kairdolf
Project: Characterization of Biomarkers in Breast Cancer Cells with Quantum Dots and Detection of Brain Tumor Cells using SpectroPen

Andrew St. James - Georgia Tech

Bell Scholar
Mentor: Brande Jones
Project: Deconstruction of the RIbosome In vitro and In vivo

Patrick Strane - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Vincent Fiore
Project: Measuring the magnitude and frequency of cell-mediated forces applied to native ECM

Anirudh Sundararaghavan - Georgia Tech

Mentor: Renee Cottle
Project: Application of Nanotechnology to the Study of G-protein Signaling Within a Live Cell

Alexandra Wagner - Agnes Scott College

Medtronic Scholar
Mentor: Natalie Saini
Project: Determining the importance of post-translational modifications of Rvb1 and Rvb2 in DNA secondary structure metabolism