Axon MultiClamp 700B Amplifier 

A versatile, computer-controlled microelectrode amplifier designed for patch voltage-clamp or high-speed current-clamp recording within the same headstage ideal for many applications, including high-speed current clamp (sharp-electrode or field potentials), patch-clamp (whole-cell, macropatch, or excised patch), ion-selective measurements, etc. New features include internal automatic mode switching, oscillation suppression for better cell protection, and slow current injection to compensate for drifting potentials.

Slice Scope Pro 1000

A compact upright microscope equipped with fully motorized fixed stage, various electrode manipulators, a wide range of Olympus objectives and LED system (780 nm) to meet the demands of electrophysiology study.

Slice Scope Pro 3000

A static microscope designed for in vitro electrophysiology and capable of accommodating advanced imaging, such as two-photon and confocal. The system consists of a SliceScope microscope and motorized movable top plate and two PatchStar micromanipulators.

Digidata 1550A Digitizer

Most widely used digitizer for a wide variety of electrophysiology recordings in laboratories worldwide. It further extends the precision and quality of the existing Axon Digitizer platform with enhanced performance in command voltage output control and sampling rate.

TDT 128 Channel Neurophysiology System

Designed for everything from moths to man, record anywhere up to 128 channels. Stream all channels to disk at full bandwidth. Conduct real-time spike sorting and local field potentials recording. It consists of 3 major components: RZ2 BioAmp processor, RS4 Data Streamer, and PZ5-128 NeuroDigitizer. Preinstalled Synapse Software Suite automatically synchronizes all data inputs in a perfectly timed manner: spike data, local field potentials epoch events, and control signal.

Sutter P-2000

The Sutter P-2000 micropipette puller represents a significant advance in the fabrication of micropipettes, optical fiber probes and nano spray tips.  P-2000 is able to fabricate a variety of micropipettes from not only conventional glass but also quartz glass. Fabrication of micropipettes from quartz glass can facilitate penetration through tough tissues, yield low noise electrophysiology recording and remove undesired fluorescence during illumination of the bio-samples.

PE-340 fura2

The PE-340 fura2 LED illumination system provides the optimum excitation wavelengths for Fura-2 based calcium imaging, allowing high-precision, stable, high -throughput imaging with video-rate time resolution.