The Neuro Design Suite is a state-of-the-art facility for neuroscience research. It consists of three major rigs allowing researchers to perform manual and/or automated in vitroin vivo patch clamping, and in vivo extracellular electrophysiology recordings.

The Q-Scientifica SliceScope within the in vitro patch clamping rig is a compact upright microscope equipped with fully motorized fixed stage, various electrode manipulators, a wide range of Olympus objectives, and an LED system (780 nm) to meet the demands of electrophysiology study.

The electromagnetically shielded in vivo extracellular electrophysiology rig is constructed with various elements such as Zeiss surgical microscopes, impressive 128-channel Tucker Davis Technologies data acquisition system (RZ2), Kopf stereotaxic frames, and DC temperature controllers to enable stable, reliable, and high-quality recordings. A complete LED driver system (Thorlabs) was equipped to this rig as well to facilitate optogenetic in vivo experiments. The PE-340 fura2 LED illumination system provides the optimum excitation wavelengths for Fura-2 based calcium imaging, allowing high-precision, stable, high-throughput imaging with video-rate time resolution.

Automatic patch clamping devices (autopatchers) are also attached to both in vitro and in vivo patch clamping rigs to obtain high yield and high-quality whole-cell recordings.  

A mini surgery station, equipped with various types of stereotaxic systems, advanced anesthesia incubation chamber, and isoflurane vaporizers, is also available for facilitating in vivo electrophysiology experiments.

The Neuro Design Suite is open to all the neuroscience researchers in the Georgia Tech community, Emory University, and other research institutions or facilities across metro Atlanta. Assistance, guidance, and trainings on using all the equipment may be requested; however, it must be scheduled at least one week prior to usage.

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Petit Institute, Room 2108    


Bo Yang