IBB Executive Conference Room ​1107

  • Located in the IBB Admin Suite, this is an "internal" meeting space that is reserved for IBB leadership and staff, the reservation calendar not for public display/reservations.
  • 18​-person capacity (equipment in room: 100" monitor mounted with full teleconferencing systems, teleconference telephone)​.
  • Furniture and layout – large, square table, sixteen board room chairs + two additional chairs along wall, 5 foot rectangular table with additional cubby space for food/beverage, two white boards mounted in cases on wall​.

1107 Reservation Instructions

  • After clicking on the "Reserve IBB Executive Conference Room" link below, click the “login in” link at the top right of the screen, and login using your GT credentials. If not logged in, users will receive an error message when saving a reservation.
  • Click on the desired meeting start time on the requested date to open the meeting reservation form. Complete all fields in the form and select “save.” 
  • For a meeting series, you will have the option to “skip conflicts” which means if the room is unavailable for one or more days during the requested series it will skip the conflicting dates and reserve the rest. It is the user’s responsibility to note the “skipped dates” and make alternate arrangements.  
  • Requests are considered tentative until reviewed and approved by the IBB event staff.