1. Determine the Services Required

For most routine services, the exact services can be found in the detailed descriptions of the services in the links above. For most experiments, it is usually worthwhile to set up an appointment for a consultation (no-fee) prior to performing any experiments. Even for simple experiments, it is normally worthwhile to have a brief discussion so everyone is clear about what is needed and what information can be generated. This is particularly true for researchers new to proteomics and/or metabolomics. For proteomics experiments, contact David Smalley (dsmalley@gatech.edu). For metabolomics experiments, contact David Gaul (david.gaul@chemistry.gatech.edu). For other services or if you are not sure, please contact us at symsc@gatech.edu.

2. Fill out a Sample information Sheet

Please complete the sample information sheet (link) and send it to symsc@gatech.edu.

Link coming soon.

3. Enter information into SUMS

SUMS is GA Tech's Shared User Management System and is used by all Petit Institute Core Facilities to pay for services. If you are not currently in the system, instructions are provided (link). To sign up for particular services, instructions are provided (link). If you have any difficulties or are requesting specialized services, SyMS-C staff can add the services manually.

4. Submit Samples

If you are nearby, you can feel free to stop by to drop off samples. However, if you are across campus or off-campus, you should probably set up an appointment. While we are generally in the laboratory during normal business hours, we are sometimes not able to receive samples because we are in the middle of an experiment or at a meeting.

5. External Customers

Please contact us at symsc@gatech.edu prior to submitting samples.