2024 Spring Workshop Engages Diverse Stakeholders

The Renewable Bioproducts Institute at Georgia Tech recently hosted a workshop on the Emerging Bioeconomy and the Future of Biorefining. The event cultivated new partnerships as more than 75 attendees shared and learned about the cutting-edge developments in the emerging field.

2023 RBI Activities and Engagement Report

Fiscal year 2023 was a year of record achievements for the Renewable Bioproducts Institute. Read our report to know more about the workshops and events we had, experiences of our students, RBI's core facilities and a listing of our Ph.D. Fellows.  

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Activities and Engagement Report for 2023

RBI's Activities and Engagement Report covering the 2023 calendar year shows impactful research publications, workshops, and supported Ph.D. fellows. There are links in the table of contents to the publications, and title pages of each paper published through RBI. 

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