(Else-Marie) Ulrika Egertsdotter

E.-M. Ulrika Egertsdotter

Principal Research Scientist

Dr. Ulrika Egertsdotter is a Principal Research Scientist at the Georgia Tech Renewable Bioproducts Institute.
Dr. Egertsdotter’s research is focused on understanding the regulatory mechanisms of plant development and growth in vitro. The research results are applied to support the development of enabling automated technologies for production of valuable plants for forestry, agriculture and horticultural applications.
Her group is working to develop cost-effective automated solutions for different steps of the in vitro clonal propagation process including bioreactors for multiplication of propagules and automation of harvesting and deployment steps. The use of biodegradable materials for plant growth and deployment are part of her research portfolio. 
Sustainable production of plants for generating renewable plant-based biomaterials and energy as well as CO2 capture, is based on clonal propagation of superior plants where in vitro propagation technologies are the most suitable for automation enabling cost-effective scale-up production for various applications.
Research focus areas:
•    Plant development and growth
•    Plant propagation methods
•    In vitro propagation by bioreactors
•    Automation of plant propagation, harvest and planting
•    Biodegradable planting materials
•    Enhanced plant-based CO2 capture 




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