Chemical Bioprocessing

At RBI, we are interested in addressing the fundamental and manufacturing challenges for future high margin/high volume products from biomass, with a traditional focus on forest biomaterials.  Our faculty focuses on both conversion and separation of biomass compounds.  For example, we work along the lignocellulosic conversion pathway with faculty interested in recovering lignin prior to pulping (Bommarius, Realff), in cellulose conversion (France, Jones), and in lignin separation from black liquor and subsequent conversion (Nair).  We have particular strengths in catalytic processing of biomass (France, Jones, Sievers) and in biochemical separation (Nair, Walton) as well as fundamental modeling of reactions of biomass compounds (Medford).

Matthew Realff

Key Contact:

Matthew Realff
Professor and David Wang Sr. Fellow,
School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering;
Coordinator for Biorefinery Systems,
Renewable Bioproducts Institute