Pulp and Paper Certificate Program

Pulp and Paper Certificate Program


Our program develops future leaders of the paper and forest products industry.  By completing 12 credit hours (two lectures and two labs), a student currently enrolled in the Schools of ChBE, ME, MSE or Chem can obtain a certificate demonstrating their proficiency in pulp and paper science and engineering.  Our graduating students with this certificate are sought after by forest products companies as people who can “hit the ground running,” and fill positions of responsibility in process engineering, asset management or research and development. Our students are in high demand due to the extensive need for this type of expertise. We believe this demand will only grow in the future as the forest product industry evolves and expands throughout the 21st century.

Capable professors who bring the highest level of expertise include:

  • Chris Luettgen, Ph.D., Professor of the Practice, Chris.Luettgen@rbi.gatech.edu
  • Peter Ludovice, Ph.D.,  Associate Professor, Pete.Ludovice@chbe.gatech.edu
  • Rallming Yang, Ph.D., Research Scientist II, Rallming.Yang@rbi.gatech.edu

Program Courses

The School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering offers a certificate program in Pulp and Paper. The certificate consists of twelve credit hours focused on pulp and paper topics, including lecture and laboratory based courses.  Courses must be taken on a letter-grade basis and a grade of “C” or better must be earned to count towards the certificate. These courses are cross-listed so that ME, MSE and Chem students can enroll and gain elective credit.

CHBE/ME 4720 - Foundational Topics in the Manufacture of Forest Bioproducts

This is a 3 credit hour lecture based course with focus on the pulp and papermaking processes used today. We begin with the history of pulp and paper manufacturing from its origins and cover the forest bi-economy, wood structure, chemistry and fiber morphology, and go through the unit operations utilized to transform lignocellulosic feedstocks into value-added products.

CHBE/ME 4730 - Emerging Technologies for Forest Bioproducts

This is a 3 credit hour lecture based course with focus on the future of the bioproducts industries, so that students may see where the bio-economy is headed. Case studies on the use of biomass in production of value-added products are covered. Included are fluff pulp and dissolving pulps, specialty papers, packaging and printed electronics, biorefining technologies, nanocellulose and biocomposites, and renewable polymers.

CHBE/ME 4767 - Pulp & Paper Lab

This is a 3 credit hour mixed (lecture and lab) based course.  Topics include:  pulping operations, bleaching, handsheet formation, pulp and paper physical properties, and recycled fiber. Pre-requisite ChBE/ME 4720 Foundational Technologies or ChBE/ME 4730 Emerging Technologies. (Note:  Course is a Technical or Free Elective in ChBE program)  

Three credit hours of Undergraduate Research (or Special Problems),ChBE/ME 4699. Pre-requisite ChBE/ME 4720 Foundational Technologies or ChBE/ME 4730 Emerging Technologies

Pulp and Paper Program and Foundation

Pulp and Paper Program and Foundation

“Historical Review of the Georgia Tech Multidisciplinary Pulp and Paper Program”

The post World War II years was a period of substantial growth of the pulp and paper industry throughout the United States and Canada, and particularly in the Southeast where pine forests were principally utilized for lumber and turpentine production. Georgia, with its extensive pine stands and suitable growth conditions along with adequate water resources, and excellent railroad transportation network, attracted many of the major forest products companies. The State was ready for development of a strong industry as the predominant textile industry in Georgia was reaching a plateau in activity.    

In the early 1970's Georgia Tech recognized the potential in providing a technical alternative that would better prepare engineering graduates of basic disciplines to enter the forest products industry. The late Dr. Charles Vail, Associate Dean of Engineering was active in the professional community along with Ken Taylor at Simons- Eastern Company, an international consulting and design engineering firm providing services to the forest products industry. This acquaintance initiated conversation with Georgia Tech representatives in evaluating the establishment of a multidisciplinary pulp and paper program commensurate with industry engineering needs. In order to accomplish this, invitations were extended to industry representatives of Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama companies to form a support group for the program and to provide a strong school/industry relationship.

In 1975, the Pulp and Paper Industry Advisory Committee was established with Ken Taylor as chairperson. The committee consisted of eleven pulp and paper companies, a consulting engineering firm and TAPPI. Industry representation was increased fifteen by mid 1976. 

Original Advisory Committee Companies

TAPPI, Simons-Eastern, Continental Can, Augusta Newsprint, Southeast Paper, Union Camp, Rayonier Corp., Sonoco, Buckeye Cellulose, Westvaco, Gilman Paper Company, Brunswick Pulp and Paper, Georgia Kraft

Early Additions

Georgia Pacific, James River, Stone Container, International Paper, Weyerhaeuser, Beloit

Original Foundation Members (1990)

Corporate Ahlstrom Machinery, ITT Rayonier, Albany International, James River, Asea Brown Boveri, Manville Forest, Beloit, Procter & Gamble, Bowater, Rock-Tenn, Champion International, Simons-Eastern, Fluor Daniel, Sonoco Products, Georgia Pacific, Southeast Paper, Georgia Power, Tampella, Gilman Paper, Union Camp, Inland Container, Westvaco Interstate Paper, Weyerhaeuser

Individual Members

Alberto Guzman, Jerry Huff, Ken Taylor

Current Officers

President: Lewis West, International Paper

Vice President: Amy Sand, Solenis Chemical

Treasurer: Allen Bowdler, Pratt Industries

Secretary: Thomas Kicklighter, Georgia-Pacific

At-large member companies include:  American Process, Buckman, Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, ITLLC, Kemira, Loxim, Nalco, PCA and WestRock

“The Georgia Tech Pulp and Paper Foundation”

Through the efforts of Jerry Huff, committee members and assistance from Georgia Tech, the Georgia Tech Pulp and Paper Foundation was established in 1990 with twenty-four companies and three individuals with Bill Davis as it's first President.

·         Foundation General Scholarship Fund

·         William H. Davis Scholarship Endowment

·         Robert C. Hart Scholarship Endowment

·         Southeast TAPPI Scholarship Endowment

·         Kenneth G. Taylor Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship

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