Academics - ChBE

Academics - ChBE

As Professor of the Practice in the School of Chemical & Bimolecular Engineering, I serve as industry liaison with Georgia Tech and its faculty.  In this role, I seek to build relationships between the academic research of the Institute and the needs of industry. My background in the private sector as research manager for many years at Scott/Kimberly-Clark Industries has given me unique insight into the needs of companies and I am now able to match those needs with the capabilities and innovation here at Tech. In addition to my role with industry, I also spend time in the classroom, teaching ChBE 6741 and 6742, Pulp & Paper Manufacturing I and II. These courses are required for graduate students receiving PSE funding from the RBI endowment for their research. It’s a fulfilling opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in research and explore their ideas for the next generation trends in the industry.

ChBE 6741 Course Instruction

ChBE 6741 Course Instruction

Program Courses

CHBE 6741 - Pulp & Paper Mfg I

The fundamentals of pulp and paper technology are presented. Applications to the several unit operations used are explored and augmented by field trips and recent case studies. Crosslisted with ME 6741, CHBE 6701 and MLDR 6701. 

CHBE 6232 - ChemE Process Pulp & Paper

To study the details of some of the major unit operations in pulp and paper manufacturing. 

CHBE 6742 - Pulp & Paper Mfg II

Papermaking technology is covered from a multidisciplinary engineering perspective with fundamental and practical considerations being addressed. Students participate in groups to run a pilot papermaking trial at the Henry Foundation in Savannah. Crosslisted with ME 6742.

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